Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today my resolution was to relax. This semester has already gotten me wearing thin and exhausted. This will be a long semester. But, every weekend I had something planned, and every weekday I was crammed with responsibilities. I have had no time to sit back and relax for an entire day since the beginning of the semester.

Some of you thinking: "It's only 19 days into the semester, Ben. Man up!"

Try taking 18 credits worth of classes, class schedules that are so inconvenient that you have to stay at shcool nearly all day, writing a book, doing martial arts, working out, doing accountability group, church, working, and trying to balance a social life and a family life on top. It suuuuucckkkss.

So, to that I say: "Take a break!!"

Let me tell you, folks, I took doctor's orders (me being the doctor, of course) and was lazy all day. It was a beautiful thing. I feel so good! Tomorrow I think i'll be lazy, too.

This morning, I woke up at 12:00pm. After sleep deprivation for 19 days, my goodness, it feels like you've just slept in a mound of comfy blankets just out of the drier, froliced among the feilds of dream-land, and eaten from the fruit of awesomeness. You need to try it. I woke up and was like: "Woah!!"

Then, I discovered I was home alone (major plus, I love being home alone, then I can sing, dance, be weird, and I had no obligation to change from my jammies (which were sooooooo comfy by the way). So, with bed-head, bare feet, and an old plain white T, I got on my computer and watched the TV show Survivor.

No, before today, I had never seen survivor besides random seconds as I flipped the channels. I discovered that it is highly entertaining, and makes me want to try out as a contestant.

I wonder how you can get into survivor. I bet there are thousands of applicants, but out of those, they must choose 20. Obviously it is complete coincodense that those 20 people are attractive young people... but, if that's how they choose the contestants, then I should totally be on the top of the list. (Cough, cough)

Spear fishing, hunting lizards, owning at random tribal challenges to win prizes, and totally own and being awesome!!! How much cooler can it get? You get put on an amazingly tropical, remote island, and forced to survive. Bring it.

Yeah, so, other than my recent want to become a reality TV contestant on a tropical island for 39 days, not much is new.

My resolution for tomorrow is to find 30 things interesting reflecting on this January. (If you don't know why I picked the number 30, let me enlighten you. 30 is the number after 29, 30 is the number with one less zero of the movie "300", 30 is the age that most people realize that they actually have to grow up, 30 is the number of mini-M&Ms a belimic can eat before having to say farewell to their meal, 30 is the amount of times I have thought someone on a cell phone was talking to me and then I reply to be encountered with a really awkward situation, 30 is the number of seconds the human brain can remain sane while listening to country music (Taylor Swift obviously being exempt), and last of all, and probably the deciding factor for me to choose the number 30 is that it is the amount of days in January.

So, enjoy the list that tomorrow brings. Until then, I will be preparing for my Survivor appearance.

Friday, January 29, 2010


So, I have officially dubbed today "Awkward day" soley based on my work shift.

First, I will briefly mention my day before work.

I hung out with Josh Gates today. I wrote an essay for him about music and our experience in a "music store" AKA, the CD section in Best Buy. It was interesting. Well, the fact that i'd write random stuff like: "We stuffed Country music CDs in our jackets in attempt to spare future customers from losing their sanity, but the five security guards did not find our motives noble".

I did not delete that sentence. I hope Josh submits it like that. Automatic A+.
So, we had a great time! =)

Now, for work. There were five awkward moments.
I introduce you to my four awkward moments.

Moment #1: Five minutes after I clocked in for work, my manager comes up to me and says "There is a couple making out in the store, and I just asked them to leave because they were making other customers uncomfortable".
Not a few seconds later, one of my Jiu Jitsu instructers walks around the corner with a girl... "Oh, Ben, I didn't know you work here..."
It was a very awkward "Well see you... laater..." kind of situation. My manager then comes up to me and says: "You know that guy?? He was the one making out in the store!!"

Moment #2: I was on the register for part of the night, and I just rang up a lady, then my manager set a drink next to me. Obviously, I assumed that it was the customer's drink, so I gave it to her. It ended up being my manager's drink which was a mix of coffee and espresso... the lady had ordered a sweet drink. She came back a few minutes later and asked for her real drink.

Moment #3: One of my friends came in to Caribou. Side note, I have not had much sleep lately. A few nights ago I satyed up almost all night on a homework assignment and still have not caught up on sleep. So, anyways, I was trying to talk to her, and my head was like totally empty, and I don't really remember what happened. I guess it's not too awkward, just the fear of her thinking i'm really weird. Hopefully my sleep deprived subconscious didn't do anything to strange without my knowledge.

Moment #4: My manager was giving change back to a customer, but accidentally put it in our tip jar instead of his hand because she had a major "brain fart". The guy what like: "Whhhaat?" Her face changed five shades of red and she apologized and kinda freaked out. Even though it didn't happen to me...

So, yes, I hope you found enjoyment in my awkward situations. But, i'm sure you've had some recent ones yourself. Akward moments are not uncommon.

My resolution for tomorrow is to relax totally! I need sleep and fun aside from homework assignments (not saying that they're fun...) I just need some time to myself to think, sleep, and be awesome!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

everyday drearyday

Since I did not have time to do a blog post yesterday, I had no resolution for today.

But, I have come up with a checklist of things, that if you are experiencing, you may be at the wrong college.

Random people for no apparent reason make siren noises down the hall, not in a random funny sort of way, but in a: "Let's contact the insane asylum".

Random old ladies stare at you as if you're doing something wrong while you innocently use your laptop

Classmates stare at you when you make a face out of a puddy and make quiet screaming noises as their face distorts

Daydream of punching cute animals

Daydream of being spiderman saving your school from people

Fight off sleep while in class, then as soon as he says "That's all for today" then you perk up and have a ton of energy

And, yes... those are just a few of the things that I go through every day.

posterboard and purses

I missed blogging yesterday, so this blog is for 1/27/10

My resolution for today was to own my homework so bad, It wouldn't be able to discern whether a pencil or a pen was filling in the answers.

I succeeded.

Actually, I owned so much, I didn't have time to update my blog as a result of it.
Yesterday was my dad's birthday. So, after school, when I got home at 6:00, we all ate like 5 pounds of shrimp each (I adore shrimp), green beans, and sweet potatoes. Wow, that was a nutricious and delicious meal!
Afterwards, my dad opened his presents. Then, we all went to the movie Sherlock Holmes in the theater. I had not seen it before, and I was very surprised at how good it was. I was expecting a metiocre film, but it was truly halarious, witty, and a great plot line!

The action scenes were awesome, too.

So, overall, it was a wonderful birthday, and I think he really enjoyed it.

I had been saving a huuge homework assignment for last night. I had to draw an object in 5 different drawing styles, and put the best results on a board in a creative and presentable fashion.

First off, I can't draw. Secondly, I cannot think creatively with art. And thirdly, I had to board to put the artwork on.

I stayed up until 3:00am drawing purses (yes, that is what I picked. It is a simple object) I finally scrounged up a beat up sheild in the basement made out of poster-board, so I cut it into the shape of a purse, and put all my artwork on that.

It actually turned out very nicely, and I am actually proud of something I made in relation to art, for once in my life.

It was slightly awkward walking into school with a giant posterboard purse... so before my first class, I ran into a classroom (which was in the middle of starting) and hid the purse... they looked at me strangely, but, what are they going to do about it? Nothing!

But, i've had a headache all day now from lack of sleep. I will be having a great sleep tonight.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

clip, clip

My resolution for today was to do a handstand and time myself.

I just did it about 30 minutes ago, and I am pleased to tell you that I did a handstand for 16 seconds. If you think that'd not so great, try one right now.

You impressed now?

Okay, story time. So, last night I walked downstairs to shower. I looked at myself in the mirror for a minute. I had been wanting a haircut for 3 weeks now, and it was getting way too long. It was getting so long I was getting distracted trying to breathe. That's when you know it's time to cut it. I had school in the morning, so I was like: "I want it cut right now". My mom (who always cuts my hair) was in bed already, so I grabbed the kitchen scissors and started shearing away. Mind you... I was trying to cut my bands, my sideburns, and worst of all, the back. I only had a mirror in front of me, so I guessed where to cut in the back.

When I was done it felt fine in the back, and did't look too bad in the front. About to get in the shower and call it a night, I realized that sometimes what you feel is not what it looks like in reality. So, I took a picture of the back of my head with the camera on my phone. Let me just tell you, when I saw the image I screamed. It looked like I was cancerous and my hair was falling out in the back. It looked hideous.

Desperate, I called my sister on my phone (because I didn't want to walk past my dad who was on the main level) to come down and help. When she saw me, she started panicking, then started to laugh at me. Wow, that was reassuring.

She ended up trimming it a bit in the back, then shaving my neck with my razer so it didn't look like I was loosing my hair. When she was done she giggled a little then said: "That's the best I can make it. Good luck."

So, I had to sit in my usual front row seat in my classes today. I wore a hat and a scarf in attempt to cover up the back of my hairline... but, when I got home, my mom laughed at me, and then I realized that niether my hat or scarf covered it up. Wow, that is awkward. In the words of my mom: "It looks likea little kid attacked you with a scissors."

That statement is true.

She cut it, but it still looks terrible. Thanks, Ben. Yes, 17, almost 18, year old Ben decided that he would cut his own hair with a kitchen scissors. Brilliant.

Good luck with life. =P

My reslution for tomorrow is to own at my homework. (I have a ton to do)

Monday, January 25, 2010

music and football

My resolution for today was to memorize a rap song.

I did memorize a song, but no, it was not rap. I felt more in the mood for a nice, melodic, awesome song such as: Two is Better than One from the band Boys Like Girls. It is an amazing song, and it gets stuck in your head like dried soup on your shirt... but in a positive way... imagine that you can lick the soup off the shirt later when you're hungry again. Yum yum.

So, when I tried to purchase the song Two is Better than One, I bought it, but as it was downloading, my internet shut off and had to restart. When I tried to recover the song itunes said that I had never purhcased it and it could not re-download it. It took my money, but I got no song. So, mad that I was 1.29$ closer to being broke, I bought it again... yes, it is worth 2.68$ and yes, I did do that math in my head.

I find it ironic that I had to purchase a song titled Two is Better than One twice.

At least it worked the second time, and I sang along with it and I love that song. =)

The roads were terrible today. I had to drive ten miles an hour under the speed limit to be safe... and I realized my unhealthy obsession while driving. At a stoplight, or even while driving, I have to look at the person driving next to me. I have had this habit since I was 5 years old, and at a stop light or sign, I will look at as many car drivers as possible, and yes, this sometimes mean that I will turn around completely to see them. It is very satisfying. I still don't know why I do it.

I feel like doing ballroom dancing.

Today I learned that footballs are made from pigskin. I still think it's probably made from leather and the classic term: "pigskin" is what it used to be made out of, but since we are obviously more civilized than that, we now use leather. I hope so at least. Call me overly sensitive, but it is disturbing to me to imagine throwing Porky Pig for a touchdown.

Tomorrow's resolution is to do a handstand for as long as I can and record it on my stopwatch.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

these are some of my favorite things

My resolution for today was to write.

Today was interesting. I woke up at 1:00pm and accedentally slept through church. Oops. That sucks. Last night I dragged my mattress into Hannah's room and we talked in the dark, both staring up at the ceiling, until 3:00am. It was much needed brother-sister time. I don't see her half as much as I'd like since she's so busy with work and everything.

Today was very fun. Very fun. Here is what happened today:

I watched an extremely cheesy Kung Fu Jet Li movie with my dad online

I made myself a pasta dinner (aka, I preheated the oven and read the boxed instructions and put it in or the correct amount of time. I love being a gourmet chef!)

I talked to Nate T. on the phone for an hour. We laughed a lot. He convinced me to seriously consider Biola as a college. The main things that are swaying me are: Biola is in CA, it is 30 minutes away from the ocean, they have surfing lessons, the origional California Pizza Kitchen is near Biola, I could go hikiing the mountains on the weekends, the girl/boy ratio is 77/23, the founders of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) recently opened a UFC gym which is like a Lifetime fitness, but then also have martial art training, and it is only 12.5 miles away from Biola, yes, I Googled it. Oh, and not to mention tht Biola has a good writing program that publishes their writers in college.

I cranked up music on portable speakers and sang along with rap, screamo, and awesomeness. My voice kinda hurt after the screamo, but it was worth jamming out to.

I made myself chocolate milk.

I wrote a killer essay that's due tomorrow for a writing class.

I Facebook stalked friends. No, i'm not telling you guys who, because it may be you. Don't be afraid, Facebook stalking is a friendly little hobby I have. Why be scared? It's public information that I'm looking at. Like once I read every single thing on Josh Gate's wall that went back an entire year... sure, that may be kinda creepy, but it's still public information. ;) (Yeah, Josh, you probably didn't know that, hehehehe)

I smiled a lot.

I did an awesome handstand while listening to rap music... it made me feel hardcore.

So, thos were some of my favorite things. Other than what's her face from The Sound of Music, I did not have to put my list to a song... and my list was actually real, hers was far-fetched and laaaaammme. I just noticed that I really dislike her haircut in that movie. It looks like a bowl-cut.

I guess my origional intention for my resolution was to write my book, but I wrote an amazing essay, better than I would have hadn't I written the resolution, maybe. It's funny how that works out.

My resolution for tomorrow is to memorize a rap song and be able to lip sync it perfectly. I am so gangsta... ya know it bro!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I had no resolution for the day because of the complex train of the last week and random internet outings and business of life (I did not have time to blog yesterday)

But, I will share the happenings of yesterday and today.

Yesterday Nathan Platter, Seth Johnson, Matthew Froseth, Tim Blesi, Nate Tucker and I slept over at Seth's house. It was... interesting to say the least.

We watched the movie gladiator.

By "Watch" I mean Tim recognizing an actor, then Nate and Nathan googled their names into their phones and retrieved their entire acting career while showing everyone pictures and random facts.

Also, Nate texted me about 50 times with one word texts, numbers, and smileys. My favorite text of his was a hardcore rock concert smiley... I forgot what it looks like and I cannot find it on my phone, but that pretty much summed up the movie.
It was epic.

Then we all crowded around Nate's laptop and collectively played a complicated mind game. Seth and Matt owned that.

Then Tim and I watched The Office on Hulu for about 2-3 hours. It was so funny, especially after 2am, it was halarious.
That was my day, and now I will officially make a resolution for myself as I have not done one in a while.
My resolution for tomorrow is to write my book. Lately I have been making good headway, but not good enough. =)

standing on the sidelines

My resolution for Friday (yes, i'm behind again, sorry) was to organize my life, and clean up house.

My life has become a cluttered card table in which you cannot discern what is what. So, I decided enough with the card table, it's time to move to a filing cabinet.

Yesterday I did my chores a day early to feel productive. I cleaned my room (which was surprisingly dirty) and mentally came back to the present. I'm not sure where I was mentally, but one could say that I was watching life passing by while I stood on the sidelines. Well, now I am in the game. Watch out other team. Ben's gunna bring it.

So, a cluttered room and house = a cluttered life as a whole. Whether you realize it or not, the thought of the dirtiness leads to stress and a passive attitude in every aspect of one's life... it's just a matter of time before you realize that you've changed. ;)

Sorry, nothing funny to write about today... =P

Friday, January 22, 2010

bascially thursday

As I explained in the last two updates, I had internet trouble, so I have not blogged for the last two days. So, this blog is yesterday's blog (Thursday 1/21/2010) in case any of you were wondering what month and year it was I gave the date there so no one would be left in the dark...

I had no resolution for yesterday, beause I made no blog for the day before that, so I will attempt to entertain you with the happenings of yesterday minus a resolution.

I was at school from 11:00am - 9:30pm. I only had two classes too, imagine that. So, I had a huge gap with nothing to do from 12:30 - 6:00. Okay, by "nothing to do" I mean, no classes. Because, Ben Schmitt can always find something worthwhile to do!

I decided to go into the computer lab and go on Facebook. While on Facebook I noticed that one of my friends, Rebecca (most of you probably don't know her) was online, and we've been talking a lot lately over Facebook, so we talking for about an hour over chat.

It was really humerous... probably a little too humerous for my own good. I am sitting in a silent computer lab with 40 other students studying, Youtubing, and being lazy. You could hear a feather fart it was so quiet. And, randomly throughout my converation, I would burst out laughing, forgetting that I was in the middle of an awkwardly quiet room with other stern students.

I got many dissaproving looks. But, it was so worth it. I am such a rebel, right? I know, I'm pretty proud, too!

Also, I just noticed how creepy and weird DCTC is. It is kind of scary.
I was trying to write on my laptop in the common's area (usually a pretty good place to study) when suddenly, the room is filled with... interesting people.

By "interesting" I mean, I zipped up my backpack and moved all my possessions close to me and continually glanced up to make sure none of them turned into zombies or anything.
There was a group of about 10 students, I don't mean to judge or discriminate, but by the way they talked, acted, dressed, and held themselves, I could tell that they were part of a group at DCTC. The group is for high school drop outs (maybe got expelled for fighting... drugs... etc...) and now DCTC has a special prgram for them. Also, the fact of them all getting onto the bus at the end kind of gave it away.

Of course, with my luck, being surrounded by a gang isn't bad enough. So, some more people came. One guy walked around the commons for about 15 minutes, hand to his ear speaking into it like a walkie talkie saying: "Break, break, break."
It was slightly unsettling. By "slightly" I mean "very".

So, I acted like I had a class to go to and escaped to the computer lab again.
That pretty much summed up my entire day: having an awesome conversation, being stared at for laughing in the silence, being surrounded by a gang, and some people who thought their hands were communication devices.

Don't you envy my life?

My resolution for tomorrow (which is today, 1/22) is to clean up my life, organize, and be awesome. I will clerify what that all means later tonight when I write today's blog. Until then, happy thursday!

forever wednesday

My internet on my computer has been hazy the past few days.
On Wednesday (as I posted in the previous blog) our internet server crashed, and everyone who uses it was internet-less. So, I missed my blog update on Wednesday.
Thursday, I was at DCTC from 11:00am until 9:30pm (my class got let out a half an hour early at night, thank God!) And, during that time, the internet on my laptop would not work for some reason. I could use the computer lab, but I had writing I needed to complete, so i've been blogless for two days now.

So, let us all pretend that none of this happened, and pretend this is Wednesday again.

My resolution for wednesday was to not make a fool of myself in art class.
By this time everyone in the class is supposed to have in their possession artsy stuff. By "artsy stuff" of course, I mean objects that are never in my vocabulary before I entered this classroom. Let me get out my notebook and read the requirements for the class, because I don't even know what they are off the top of my head.

(A variety of pencil hardness) I came into class with No. 2 pencils that have not been sharpened in years.

(24" roll-tissue paper) I thought that was for wrapping Christmas presents.

(2 sharpy brand pens, regular/meduim) I have no idea what "regular/medium" means, and I thought sharpy only made wonderfully smelling markers, not pens. But, if they both smell the same, then my art projects will be fun.

(11" x 14" spiral bound sketchbook) I come into class with my three ring binder filled with lined paper... apparently that is not acceptable in art class.

(12" triangle) I still don't know why I'd need this. I don't think I'll be drawing many triangles in art, so I don't see the need for one.

(Gray-kneading eraser) Everyone else comes to class with these spiffy looking, artsy, special person erasers. I have a worn down pink eraser at the end of my No. 2 pencil that leaves scraps all over my paper when i'm done. And, it's getting near the end of it, so it sometimes leaves scratches on the paper from the metal of the pencil.

I need to go shopping for these stuff. I'm sure the shopping experience will the very awkward. I will walk into Michaels art store and walk to the nearest old lady with a knitted Santa sweater and ask: "Do you have art stuff?"
"Yes, honey, we are an art store."
"Oh, good. Well, i'm in an art class and I need some artsy stuff, so where would I find that?"
"Artsy stuff?"
"You know... the cool person erasers, the un-needed drawing tirangles, and some pencils that are not No. 2 brand."
"I don't know if we have any 'cool person erasers' but as for the pencils... what hardness would you like?"
"I thought they were all made out of wood anyways, so aren't they all the same hardness?"
"I mean the hardness of the graphite."
"Oh, uhhhhhhhhhh... regular."
"That means nothing to me."
"It doesn't to me either, but that's what my paper says."
"What kind of regular does it ask for?"
"I thought regular was regular, now there are different kinds of regular? Like a spectrum of how regular the pencil is?"
"Something like that."

Needless to say, I am not looking forward to the Michaels store experience. Hopefully it wil be better than it is in my mind's eye.

Since I wrote this blog not on time, and... well, the general lack of productivity, I had no resolution for Thursday. =( But, I will still do a Thursday blog for my screaming fans. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Right now, I sit in Caribou because the internet to all users of a certain system are now screwed because their entire system crashed.
I was left with barely my wit and what little dignity I had left as I had to scrounge for ideas on how to complete my daunting homework assignments that needed to be completed online. Then the large colorful words of CARIBOU lit my heart as I ran to the car in a frantic spasm.

Yes, I had most of the assignments written out, but I had twenty minutes at Caribou to edit and to hand them in before they closed. So, here I am, everything turned in on time, and me left here sweating with relief... I must regretfully tell you, that since Caribou closes in 8 minutes, I cannot do my day justice in a hurried blog post. So, I am simply warning you that I will post today's one tomorrow because I am internet-less in 7 and a half minutes. Which means in 2 minutes because I mean to be curtious and not push the limits of the worker's patience and stay to the last seconds.

So, I will update tomorrow afternoon in today's stead since I am unable. Until tomorrow, farewell.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

lovingly and non-creepingly following Taylor Swift

My resolution for today was to create a game that I could do by myself to entertain me while I wait at school for 3 hours for Hannah. Well, as it turns out, Hannah dropped that class last night, so I did not have to wait for her until 8:00pm.

But, wanting to complete my goal, I did make a game. I will be doing this game more and more often in the near future. I call it: "Stalking Taylor Swift" Okay, the word "stalking" sounds creepy. I imagine a 50 year olf man with intense eyes, lots of zits and pockmarks on his face, unkept hair, bad teeth, and always panting like he's out of breath. Considering that I am a very attractive young male, "stalking" may be a strong word usage. It's more like...

Okay, maybe just searched on an online thesaurus for "stalk"... no pleasant words came up to justify my new game. It came up with words like: "ambush" "chase" "hunt".

There's a reason why my game is not called "Hunting Taylor Swift".

"Lovingly and non-creepingly following Taylor Swift" is the name of the game.
What is the game? Why, I'm glad that you asked!

I will not give away my searching methods or where I discovered this rare gem, but I came across her personal blog. (no, this is not a poser, this is completely legit)
So, after reading 11 long blog entries... she is so cool.

Things I learned about Taylor:

She likes fuzzy socks
She writes her songs at night in her room
She is obsessed with true love and the idea of there being "one" out there for her
Her favorite movie of all time is Love Actually, and she sees it every Christmas with her best friend
Sophmore year in high school she tripped over a flip flop in front of her crush... awkward

Anyways, while I read her blog, I was listening to my recently purchased music (AKA, Taylor Swift) =)

Yeah, so, my game was very fun.

Tomorrow's resolution is to not make a fool out of myself in art class. (good luck with that, Ben)

Monday, January 18, 2010

film studies... kill me now

Today, my resolution was to do 20 pull ups in one set.

I kind of did it, kind of did not. Let me explain...

My previous record for pull ups was 16, set when I was 15 years old, and I have not even attempted to break it, but I suspected I probably could.
After the pull ups today, my arms were taught like an extended rubberband; it did not feel very good doing arm workouts after that.

I did 19 pull ups (as put by Riley, from the movie National Treasure 2: "Why couldn't a girl see me do that?!")... on the 20th one, my chin was hovering an inch under the bar as I was shaking, trying to pull myself above the bar. By my standards, one pull up is: arms completely extended, hanging, and pulling until your chin goes over the bar. After 5 seconds of shaking in the same position, I had to let go. So, according to my definition of a pull up, I did 19. But, hey, that is better than my previous record, and very good in my mind, so I feel accomplished.

Last night, around 11:00, Hannah commented on how glad she was that there was no school tomorrow (which is now, today) because it was Martin Luther King Jr. day. If she had not made that small comment, I would have not known school was cancelled, and I would have driven half an hour for my one morning class, only to realize that I was the only car in the parking lot. Thank you, Hannah.

So, I spent my day enjoying the break. I went on random errands with my dad, then went to work out, then went to my accountability group. All in all, it was a great day, and I feel refreshed for my extremely boring day tomorrow, and ready to die of lack of excitement in school.

Okay, i'm usually not a pessimist, but honestly, when stuck in a four hour class with a boring teacher reading random facts off a sheet of paper is not fun. Plus, when she is not reading off random fcts, she states obvious information, making me just as qualified as her to teach the class. Yes, the class is Film Studies, and it is an awesome concept, but she does no teaching, and all we do is watch random video clips. It feels like a waste of time.

I started daydreaming for about five minutes a few moments ago because I was bored just thinking about tomorrow. I have no idea how I will survive every Tuesday.

If you picture a baby with a mustache, it makes you laugh... At least it works for me.

My resolution for tomorrow is to make up a random game that I can do by myself to entertain me while bored at school tomorrow. This should be fun.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

today, I...

Today's resolution was to be diligent.

Not knowing what "diligent" meant for me exactly, I was not sure how to approach today's resolution... okay, being completely honest, I totally forgot about it until an hour ago, and now I will tell what I did today and try to label it under the catagory of "diligence". Let's see if this works.

Today, I did not wake up after 10:00am.

Today, I shaved. (My face feels so nice now!)

Today, I observed the cleanliness of the house and thought of my chores yesterday, which made me feel diligent. But, that is just the residual effect from yesterday.

Today, I went to Jiu Jitsu and grappled with the assistant instructer.

Today, I got submitted 15 times by the assistant instructer and continued grappling.

Today, I made myself cereal.

Today, I kicked my kickboxing bag a few times and was impressed with myself.

Today, I charged my laptop.

Today, I realized that any hope for ever winning Taylor Swift over is lost. I hate Taylor Lautner, why does he have to be so cool?

Today, I realized that I was tall, pale, and skinny way before Edward Cullen was.

Today, I noticed that I have a nice amount of hair on my shins. That makes me happy.

Today, I realized that whenever I wear pink, I am self-conscious.

If that is not diligence, then I don't know what is!
Tomorrow, my resolution is to do 20 pull ups in one sitting.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

men in tights

My resolution for today was to relax.

The start of my day may give you a small peek into just how relaxed I was. At 11:00 I get a call from Josh Gates waking me up. Then, I talk to him while i'm still laying down in bed; he, while talking to me, is stil laying down on his bed, and we proceed to talk for 15 minutes in this manner until we realize that we should get up and start the day.

The only un-relaxing thing I managed to do through the course of the day was to do my "Saturday Chores". Which is un-avoidable considering the day that it is.

Where did people come up with the names of the days? All the days end with "day", but where did they come up with: Mon, Tues, Wednes, Thurs, Fri, Satur, and Sun? Do the prefixes mean anything important or are they random letters meshed together to keep track of the passing hours? I bet some really smart Greek dudes got together and stuck random letters up on a wall, then threw darts at the wall, and whatever letter the darts would land on, that was the prefix to the day.

Then, I went out and saw the movie "The Book of Eli" with Josh Gates and Tony Smith. Wow. That movie is so stinking amazing. If you have not seen it yet, I command you to turn of your computer/cell phone/or any other device that is enabling you to read this and to head over to a theater near you and watch this movie. Denzel Washington kicks some major butt.

Well, imagine Denzel Washington fighting guys with chainsaws, knives, and guns, while he has this awesome sword as he quotes scripture. It left me with tingles all over. The cinematography (I totally misspelled that word) was stunning, the acting was amazing, and the story line was incredible. I want to see it again.

Afterwards, we went to Tony's house for 45 minutes to hang out, then they had company, so I went over to the Gate's house until 10:00.

We watched a spoof off of Robin Hood called "Men in Tights". Picture the actor of Wesley from Princess Bride, and a black rapper traveling together talking in cliches and slang. There are random rap interjections with Robin's merry men, and the rapper has white sunglasses.

The final fight scene is paused when both the good and the bad guy realize that they can fight with shadow puppets on the wall.

One word: amazing.

Yeah, so, all in all, a day well spent. Full of laughter and awesomness. And, a contest with Gates to see which one of us can remain parallel to the ground leaning off the couch with someone sitting on our legs. I got dominated. My record was 35 seconds, Josh's record was 2 minutes. Can you say in your face Ben Schmitt?

My resolution for tomorrow is to be diligent. (Yet to be clarified what that means)

Friday, January 15, 2010

radiation poisoning

My resolution for today was to catch up on homework so I could get ahead for the beginning of next week.

After class at 12:00, I looked into my Creative Writing assignments. One of them was to look in a newspaper in 3 different specified sections and do something... as you can tell by my specificity, I have no idea what it's asking for, plus, not to mention my complete newspaper illiteracy. Why is "illiterate" so difficult to spell? Did I spell that wrong?

Having no idea what the 3 sections are in the newspaper, and no idea what i'm supposed to do, I decided to move on to the next assignment. My next assignment in Creative Writing was to go to my favorite restaurant, coffee shop... etc... and sit down with my laptop at a table next to two or more people talking. Then, my assignment is to eavsdrop (without detection) on their conversation and write down what they say.


I worked tonight, so I had no way of doing it today, but I am beyond excited to complete this task! And, in the future, when stuck with random charecter development/diologue, i'll just eavesdrop of some random people and document what they say and use it for my writing. Brilliant.

Work went well... aside from this 80 year old woman who was trying for 20 minutes to convince me that everyone will have cancer in the near future from cell-phone usage, and that uneducated young people like myself have no idea what we're doomed for. Okay, she said it in a nice way, but that was basically what she was saying. Then, she waved around her trips around the world and famous people she knew in relation to research relating to radiation poisoning from cell phones and other technology. Not wanting to burst her little bubble, I held back the fact that it takes days of non-stop cell-phone use to equal the amount of radiation that an X-ray gives. And, you need about 10,000 X-rays until you get any health issues from it.

Yes, some phones are broken or malfunctioning and give off a large amount of radiation, and that effects people negitavely, but aside from that, it is nearly impossible to get cancer from it unless you have your cell phone glued to your face.

Overall, I had a normal day. Plus, I saved Middle Earth from Isengaurd and Mordor. Battle for Middle Earth (computer game) is an awesome stress reliever. Bow down to me, I now control the Middle Earth under the reign of Gondor.

My resolution tomorrow is to relax and take it easy. =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

how to be cool 101

Today my resolution was to not embarass myself while working out.

Today was my first time in a gym unsupervised. I felt so accomplished and mature. (If you say "mature" pronounced like "mat-oor" it sounds more mature)

I was nervousgoing to the gym. To make matters even better for me, in my class right before I left to work out (Public Speaking) my teacher shared a story. One day he was running on the treadmill in the exercise room at the college, when the power for the entire school went out. Apparently, if the power goes out, the treadmill desn't stop gradually, it stops on a dime. He said the only plus to the situation was that since the power went out, there were no lights, so no one could see him fall over the front of it.

So, here I am, timidly approaching the treadmill, hoping there wouldn't be a power outage. Understand, I have only stepped on a treadmill twice. The first time, I expected the mechine to stop suddenly when I pressed "done" so, I stopped... two seconds later I was clutching on to the front of it while my shins were getting burned as I was sprawled out across the entire thing.
The second time I used one, I looked at the settings and thought to myself: "Wow, this thing only goes to 12 miles an hour??" So, I cranked it up... after 30 seconds of running I had to jump off the side because I didn't know how to slow it down.

So, here I am at the crowded gym stepping onto the treadmill. I was alredy sweating without having begun any workouts. Nothing too embarassing happened. I was scared to fall off the back, so I held onto the hand-thingys in the front, but then the words scrolled on the automated screen: "Do not hold hand sensors while running". I did anyways.

Then, on to the mechines. By "mechine" I am talking about a complex web of cords, seats, padding, and weights. I had to stand and stare at the directions for about two minutes before finally undertanding how to use each one... and yes, many people were looking at me for staying there so long. That was slightly awkward.

Then, on to working out my arms (I am not very strong in my arms in the least) I decided it was less embarassing if I just moved the weights up a few notches right when I got off the mechine, so the next person coming on would think to themselves: "That is one strong dude!" I smiled to myself when I got a few surprised looks when the next person got onto the mechine and had to move the weights down for them.

After using each mechine the rule is to grab a paper towel and the spray and to wipe down wherever you touched. So, I got a paper towel, but I couldn't for the life of me find the spray. There was this odd looking water-bottle type thing on the ground right in front of it. Assuming that was the one to use, I was about to grab it... then I noticed a girl behind me stretching... it was her water bottle. How awkward would that have been to go over to my mechine and pour some of her water on it and wipe it down? I am almost blushing just imagining.

I have only recieved one comment in over a week. Comments are the only verification to me that anyone is reading this. Is anyone reading this?

My resolution for tomorrow is to get caught up on all my school and get a little ahead, so next week will be an easy start.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

quill & paper

I forgot to set a resolution for myself today, so, I improvised this afternoon and made myself one throughout the course of the day.
Let me introduce to you: proper hydration!!! It is a vital part of staying healthy; I do not get half as much water as I should every day (I need about 8 cups) so, I decided that today, I will drink the proper amount I should.

I have half a cup to go, but I feel a little water-logged. I usually have around 5 cups of water, but I crammed all of the cups into the evening, but, if I had spaced it out evenly throughout the day, I think I would have felt amazing!

I had an art class today. To provide you with a little of my artistic background...

I pat myself on the back when I draw a stick-man. I cannot draw a straight line, and I might have drawn a decent circle once or twice in my life.

I get to this "beginner" art class and everyone seated in the room looks scarily artsy and creative. I felt like oil on water. I was obviously the dumb one out. But, when no one smelled my lack of skill, they let me sit down.
And, as a "simple" assignment we were given a page with nine circles about an inch and a half in diameter. We were supposed to add lines and whatnot to make that circle on the page into a picture. We were given ten minutes to do so. When completed, I had done four of them. They were: a smiley face, a cylinder, a sumo-wreslter, and a copy of the example that he gave us... for some reason I think that everyone else did a little better than me on that one. But, I would love to see my prof's face when he sees the sumo-wrestler. Stunning, I know.

Yes, I did say "prof's" because I always mispell "professor"... I'm not even sure if that one is right... I wish there was spell check on here.

Everyone in my art class is hardcore. The dude next to me comes in with this legit art pad and nice pencils. He flips it open to "sketches" that are incredible. Then there is the girl with earbuds in for inspirational music to draw. And, the lady behind me was like 55 years old with flowing white hair. Anyone with flowing white hair is an amazing artist! It's so not fair. I think i'm going to buy a wig.

And then there's me: the guy in the corner who has the annoyingly flimsy chair that keeps leaning back and makes me look like i'm laying down. That was a little awkward.

Apparently everyone thinks drawing a hand and a chair is easy. Not me. And, I realized that I would probably do better at shark wrestling than this. But, oh well, i'll be hardcore!! I learned how to sketch these killer 3D boxes! I was so happy I could finally draw something that looks half cool, so I filled up a huge page with dozens of them... the teacher kept looking over at my pages of 3D boxes questioningly. Apparently he came out of the womb with a pencil and pad in hand and doesn't remember his "fail" days.

Tomorrow's resolution is to not embarass myself while working out. Tomorrow is officially my first time "working out" in a gym by myself without supervision... so, hopefully I won't fall off the back of the treadmill or get stuck under the bench press bar. God save me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

waiting and wishing

My resolution for today was: be unusually extroverted/talkative in my classes for today.

That didn't really work. Today I had Public Speaking and Film Studies. You are probably thinking: "Public Speaking?! You probably had all the opportunities in the world there!"

But, alas, I did not. It was an indroduction to the class, and much humorous rambling by my awesome prof... including his interesting Catholic 127 year old teacher from his elementary school days... apparently she was 4 feet tall and shaped like a question mark. Yes, I am looking forward to that class. =)

Film Studies, I thought it would be fun, watch movies and analyze them. But, the teacher has the personality of a saltine cracker. For the first five minute of chewing on one, you think it's pretty good, but then your mouth starts cracking from dryness.

Okay, she's not that bad, but she has a very dry personality, and she seems nervous public speaking, and unsure what she's going to do for the next few minutes of class, almost as if it's all improv. That's consoling.

Anyways, no, that's not an excuse for my failure... but I guess I was not in the mood.
I'm just starting to realize the strange people that are at my school. I about wet myself in fear at this one lady. I was in the computer lab working (aka doing nothing) when I looked to my right and there's this old lady walking toward me with eyes so intense and wide, and she was staring at me, it was like she was searing my soul. She was scary.

I just realized how much I dislike the word: "phat"

So, right now, I am waiting until 8:00pm for Hannah to get out of her class so we can go home. Yes, I have been out of class since 2:30pm. Oh the wonders of carpooling.

Monday, January 11, 2010

my karma just ran over your dogma

My resolution for today was: to make a new friend.

When I wrote that, I was anticipating making a friend in my first class today. The only class that I have on Mondays is Writing and Research. Going into it, I was not expecting much out of the class, but once I got in it I just about shot myself.

The entire class period was going over the syllabus and explaining that missing a class = not a good idea. And that failing the class = bad. The whole class was composed of about 3 girls (who were all over the age of 25 or maybe even 30) and then about 25 guys. The males were primarily from the Automotive and Heavy Mechinery Major that DCTC offers, and the only men who go into that major go there because they're not smart enough to do anything else.

Wow, I felt really mean dissing them like that, but it is very true.

So, I am probably one of the only people in that class that can compose a decent paper just by my first impressions. The teacher had an amazingly awesome dry sense of humor and played off of their stupidity well. No one got offended because no one that he was making fun of even understood that he was making fun of them. I think i'm going to like that class just to see how the teacher/student relationships develop.

Anyways, I did not make any friends in that class. No, I am not intentianally not making friends with them based on their IQ, but they just... dragged themselves out of the door with one eye open; they looked half asleep the entire class.

I had to go to get my books for this semester; I go to the bookstore and find all my books (translation: I was lost and confused and asked for help, they directed me to the bookstore and once there, I would have spent two hours trying to find my books hadn't this worker come up and helped me find all of them within 45 seconds. He was amazing) Back on track, once I he had gotten me all of my books in such speed I was gasping for breath as he was coolly walking away with a confident strut.

I noticed that the line for the checkout wrapped all the way around the store. So, I got in line with a sigh and instantly the guy in front of me turned around a shoved me yelling: "You got a problem man?"
So, I dropped my books and used some of my Jiu Jitsu moves; he ended up at the hospital.

Okay... yes, I have been watching too many Kung Fu movies and UFC fights for my own good...

What really happened: he turned around and started up a conversation. He ends up being a really nice guy wanting to be a Botanist. (sounds boring, but I tried to make him feel like I thought it was a cool major) =P (I think it worked) So, we talked for about ten minutes as the line progressed slowly.

So, I can officially say that I made a friend today!

My resolution for tomorrow is: to be unusually outgoing in my classes tomorrow. =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the series of unfortunate events

My resolution for today was to do at least 45 minutes of boxing/kickboxing.

I think I may dub today to be officially sucky. After church, at 1:00pm, I played broomball. While warming up to play goal keeper, someone shot, but when they did, they let go of their stick and the broomball stick speared me on the soft side of the elbow. I have no idea what exactly it did to my arm, all I know is that I cannot extend it fully and it hurts really bad.

So, no boxing or activities for me today. What really sucks is that I have my fitness assessment tomorrow at Fitness 19. I think i'll still do it, because I already re-scheduled to tomorrow, and I just want to get it done, but I hope I can at least extend my arm by then.

In Jiu JitsuI just got a belt upgrade. I am now a senior. The perks of the Gold Belt are that I can now do submission grappling. Before, I could only grapple for a better position, and learn submissions, but never mix the two, just for safety reasons. So, I am looking forward to grappling, bu then again I'll probably be the equivalent of Kip compared to Rex in Napolean Dynamite because now i'll be grappling with everyone that is ranks above me.

The first day of school is tomorrow. =P All my friends from last semester have different schedules than me this year, so I know no one in any of my classes. My resolution for tomorrow is to make a new friend.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


My resolution for today was to create a gourmet lunch with the resources I have in the kitchen.

I may have to warn you, the following description of food may cause you to salivate exessively, so move any technilogical items out from beneath your chin (such as a keyboard on the desk) to protect their well-being.

I cut four slices of French bread, spread butter over each slice, and placed them in the oven to broil. Afterwards, I melted Mozerella cheese on top, then dipped them into hot Marinara sauce. My mouth is watering simply recolecting the deliciousness.

But do not be overwhelmed with jealousy, because now that I have shared the steps with you, you can re-create my masterpiece for your own enjoyment.

While I was shopping for groceries today, I found that it was increasingly amusing to talk to myself in a French accent. I was walking through the aisle surrounded by Speggetthi and sauces when I was overcome with the Frenchy-ness of everything, so I started commentating my actions with a French accent. It was very fun.

Tomorrow's resolution is: to kickbox/box/workout/be cool for at least 45 minutes. I am bringing out my inner ninja.

Friday, January 8, 2010

the recipe for fitness

Yesterday's resolution set for today was: to apply for at least one scholarship online.

Yes, I failed. But, my failure was not the lack of motivation, mind you. I did go online and check out my account on FastWeb to see if I had any matches for scholarships (FastWeb take the information you provide about yourself, and matches scholarships with those interests, attributes, and goals, so I have a list that is Taylor made for me) but, none of them were ones that applied to me. Sorry FastWeb, my last name is not Van Vickenburg, and I am not an Eagle Scout. So, that crosses off quite a few of the scholarships. It turns out that I had accidentally filled out my gender as female because I was going through the information section so quickly, so I was getting all these scholarships for "High School Girls against the Rabid Dogs".
Anyways, back on topic...
Since I had no matches, I decided to use the wonderful creation in technology of Google, thank you Al Gore for making this possible, and searched for scholarships. I was about to click on one when I realized that I had no idea if any of these websites were legit. So, not wanting my identity to be stolen, I refrained.

So, here I am right now, hopefully not guilty in your eyes for failing.

But, I will tell you what I did do today since I couldn't find scholarships...

Today, I decided to become a member of Fitness 19. Fitness 19 is an incredible fitness center that only charges 17$ a month for a membership for unlimited access, where as at Lifetime Fitness it's somewhere around 60$ a month. So, I decided to go with the smart way and went the Fitness 19 way.
Don't I sound like an infomercial?
I toured around the building, loved it, so I signed up and I have my fitness assessment planned for Monday. I think I should start working out now so I don't do terrible on my assessment.

Later in the evening I had to go to Target to get some unsweetened Baker's Chocolate, but it turns out that the kind that I needed was not at Target, or at Cub, so I settled for something less, all while feeling incredibly independent and grown-up shopping by myself.

And then to wrap up my great day, I talked to Kristin on Skype for a while as both of our speakers malfunctioned, so it was difficult to hear. When I spoke in a British accent it was easier to distinguish, so that was very enjoyable. =D

For tomorrow's resolution: I must make myself a gourmet lunch from the resources I have in my own kitchen. Music and dancing is required while I cook.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

slippery wintery-ness

My resolution for today was to balance my checkbook. You will be impressed, folks, at how much I owned that daddy. It is balanced, written in, and completely organized. I feel great! =)

Did any of you have the unfortunate circumstances to have to drive today? I had to drive to return the Redbox DVD Terminator Salvation, which was incredible by the way. If you've not seen it yet, see it.
There has been so many car accidents today around Minneapolis, it's crazy. It's been incredibly slippery. Driving only two blocks to McDonalds to the Redbox felt unsafe. The car could barely start moving from a stoplight.

To add to the wintery-ness, I had to wake up this morning and shovel. It was so cold I thought my nose was going to fall off. I am proud to announce that I still have my nose. =)

I am really glad I started this blog. My life seems a little more organized; i'm getting important things completed, all while having the oportunity to write about it. What more could I ask for?

So, for tomorrow's resolution... I must apply for at least one scholarship online.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

would you like fries with that?

My resolution for today was: to learn something new. Let me share with you my incredible knowledge that I may have known before this, but never have I seen it in this light before.

1. If you are playing lazer tag with the guy who runs the lazer tag room... if he is not on your team, run as far away from him as possible and hide

2. I learned how to operate a stick-shift in Andrew Johnson's Thunderbird

3. I learned that lighter colored jeans in black lights look amazing

4. I learned that Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza is even worse than it sounds

5. And finally ladies and gentleman... by far the most important one that I learned today... if you are driving on solid ice, stop at least 50 feet before you need to stop. Or else, it could be ugly

Don't worry, I didn't crash while driving on the ice today, it was just a little too close for comfort.
Yes, as you can tell, today was a very insightful day for me. I am now a fountain of knowledge. You may come and drink deep of my wisdom. Yes, that sounded a little weird, but you know what I mean.

I am now off to watch Terminator Salvation. It will be epic.

Tomorrow, my resolution is to catch up on balancing my checkbook. =) Sounds fun and exiting, doesn't it? Well, it's my resolution, not yours! So, you'll just have to be jealous as I slave over the taxing process (pun intended) of balancing my checkbook. I hope it doesn't eat me.

"Yeah, i'll take a checkbook special with a jumbo Coke."
"Would you like fries with that?"
"Sumo sized!"
"Your total is two hours of laborous, sweaty work with a numb hand from gripping your pencil as you determine where the mistake was in your checkbook."
"I'll be paying with my credit card."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new and improved

This resolution was not a fail like last one. =)
After driving to Best Buy to buy something that was the best... yes, Best Buy is aptly named, I went to Caribou and wrote for two hours. It was wonderfully refreshing, and very fun to sit down and edit my previous writing, delete crappy diologue and insert awesomely creative diologue in its place.

The daily triva for Caribou was laaammee. It aked which was NOT a type of electro magnetic ray released from the sun: gamma rays, X-rays, or cosmic rays.

If you can guess the correct one without Googling it right now, then you must drive to Burnsville Caribou and demand 10 cents because you got the trivia right. I'm not sure how they'd feel about that, but I think it's fair.

Don't you hate it when you have earbuds in and are listening to music, if you chew, cough, or sneeze, it sounds really loud to you because you're blocking out all outside noise? Well, multiple times I sneezed in Caribou and felt really awkward because it felt like everyone heard a really loud noise, but then I took out my earbuds and faked a sneeze to see how loud my previous one was, and to my relief, it was not half as loud as I had imagined it.
It made me happy.

Tomorrow's resolutions will be to learn something new and useful. I have no idea what it will be, but we will see. =) And, hopefully tonight I can actually live up to my sleep schedule I set for myself.

sleepless in minneapolis

Well... may I sum up my new resolution with one word? FAIL! I do have a very valid excuse, mind you. It was not my fault that my sleep schedule was not... taken heed to the very night I set it.
I was in bed at 10:30, yes half an hour later than I had hoped, but then, when I was ready to go to sleep, a Ninja Handbook (a book I got for christmas) attack me, and forced me to read from its pages for two hours. When it was done with me, it tossed my miserable corpse to the main level of the house.
To lighten my mood and satisfy a craving, I ate two wonderful cookies. But then, when I thought I could finally have my rest, the movie You've Got Mail sprung from our movie shelf and held me down on the couch, inserted itself into my laptop and forced me to watch.

Needless to say... I finally went to sleep at 2:30am and I woke up at 1:00pm. As you can tell, though, my mugging was brutal, so cut me some slack.

For today's daily resolution, I must write at least five pages in my book.
For those of you who do not know me particularly well, I am writing a novel, aiming towards publication by fall, Lord willing. And, my co-author and I had a meeting yesterday and now my assignment is to change 30 some pages because we are changing a big part of the plot. So, in order to catch up to where I should be in relation to the book, I need to write like a madman. So, write I will!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Well, the download to get all my music in one place went... sort of well. In the end I felt like strangling a puma with my bare hands, but I got some of the music onto my laptop. I think it's the best I could ever do. Now, I have calmed down from extreme frustration from the difficulties of online downloads and random pop-ups that ask me questions that I have no idea how to answer like: "An error was found on BENJAMIN D:: would you like Windows to fix? Yes or no?"

I didn't even know what "BENJAMIN D::" was, so I pressed "no"... apparently that was the wrong answer, so I spent an hour trying to figure out how to make it work.

In the end, I now am happy.

As for my other resolution, experiencing the finer things in life, that went well... some of it went well at least.

I went to Beauty and the Beast play at the Ordway Theater in Saint Paul. I thought it was Broadway, but at the intermission, I learned they were a local team that performs at the Ordway. Needless to say, I couldn't tell the difference, they were beyond words. The Beast's voice was Beastly. Pun intended.

I went to the theater with a group of about twenty five people. It turns out that the seating was random. Everyone got to sit next to at least one other person in the group... everyone besides me. I sat relitively close to two of my friends, but in a completely seperate isle. The people sitting next to me didn't say anything, but they probably felt bad that I had seemingly come alone while all 3,000 other people attending had dates.

Once the curtain rose, I forgot all about that and was immersed into the glorious acting and beautiful voices of the performers.

I thought my adventures were over for the night, but when I was dropped off back at my house my garage door didn't open. My friend had already left, so I was stuck outside with the garage door frozen in negative 15 degrees weather at 12:45am. It sucked.

I was stranded there for about 15 minutes as I continuously called my house from my cell phone and rang the door bell, but my parents were sound asleep upstairs, door closed, with the fan on. So, my poor freezing attempts at survival were futile. until I started banging on the door with my frozen hand. It hurt. But, they heard me and let me in. I was alright after a hot shower. A hot shower cures almost everything. =)

I could not update my blog yesterday about this because I came home at such a late hour, so this entry is for yesterday, 1/03/10.

Today, my resolution is to start a healthy schedule. Sleeping schedule that is. I have not been getting an appropriate amount of sleep, and my body has suffered the consequenses. So, tonight, and the nights following this one, I will get in bed at 10:00, read, pray, journal, or do something by myself in my room until 11:00 and then go to sleep. Then, in the morning I will wake up at 8:00am.

I guess since this resolution is about sleep, I cannot update you to see how it goes until tomorrow, after I sleep.

Goodnight! =)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

procrastination: one who is productive in their own mind

Well, to be completely honest, cleaning my room was not as bad as I imagined. It took half as long as I expected, and I feel twice as good as I anticipated. I'm no mathmetician, but that is a good deal if I do say so myself. I highly recommend you to do it as well. It took me about twenty some minutes so vacuum, clean, wash my sheets, pick up all the clothes on my floor, and make my closet enter-able.

Organization is a word that I used to love. Now, however, not so much. College happened. It's not that I don't have the time in the day, sure, I could find an extra twenty or thirty minutes easily, but the act of actually doing it is what I am not mentally organized enough to do to actually organize my messes. So, this past semester, the remains of my half-finished activities lay strewn over my bedroom.

I might dare to say that I am half Hobbit. Hobbits are creatures that do not like to do anything that is not planned. If it is not planned, they don't do it. Yes, I can be very spontaneous, hence the only half Hobbit blood. But, when it comes to responsibilities, I never randomly do them unless I mentally prepare myself for the task. If I am planning to do them, then they are as easy as eating the rest of the leftover cake that the entire family was hoping to have the following day, but as it is 12:00am there's no one to stop you... not that i've had experience in that or anything...

So, the planning of the cleaning of my room was the one thing that has been stopping me all semester. I am proud to say that my human half may be taking over the responsibility control in my life.

Today, I made the resolution to transfer all of my music onto one place. It is a long story, but basically, I used to have a really old computer so my itunes was on there, then that crashed and I got a laptop, but I couldn't sync it with the laptop because I had my brother's purchased music on my ipod, and I didn't have his password and he was in Kansas for a year... so, I started buying music on my laptop, so currently, I have music on my laptop and my ipod purchased from different computers, so itunes isn't letting me transfer them. So, a handy little software is helping me with that... thank God for Google search, so I don't have to have my music in two seperate places, heaven forbid!

I have yet to finish the transferring, so I will update you all will my progress.

A short sneak peak for tomorrow's resolution. Tomorrow I would like to experience the finer things of life, dress up, and feel important as I lounge in the prescence of the good atmosphere. Sounds weird? Well, it gives me a very confident air to myself whenever I don a nice shirt, and especially when in the prescence of wealthy people enjoying the beautiful expenses that most ignore.

Friday, January 1, 2010

welcome, 2010

As I awoke this morning, I realized that every year I give half-hearted new year's resolutions that I never achieve.
The top 3 most popular new year's resolutions in America this year are:

1. Gain a better financial situation

2. Lose weight

3. Develop a healthy habit

Now, realistically, not even 10% of those people will actually achieve them. Do you know why? Because, when Febuary rolls around, and the dreary slush from winter is left on the ground, and people's once optimistic spirits are dashed by the worst combination of sustances known to man are left on the ground, they bail on their promises they made on January 1st.

Well, in attempt to change this new year, and to keep myself accountable to those desired changes, I will not only make new years resolutions, but daily resolutions.

Do you frequently delay responsibilities such as: cleaning your car, buying new deoderant that actually smells good, making a daily schedule, waking up earlier and eat breakfast, and have at least one time a day that you laugh?
Some of those things are the type of responsibilities and desires that I would like to do in my daily resolutions. Some will be crazy random, stupid, but some of them are valid goals that I have that I'd like to get done.

Those things are usually overlooked in the new years resolutions, but in a more specific day-to-day resolution oriented environment it makes it more attainable and realistic.
I will be updating my blog daily with a new resolution and tell you how my previous day's resolution went.
If I miss a day, then I will do two the following day.

I encourage you all to take your new year's resolutions more seriously and to not get de-motivated by the Febuary slush or the pessimism of your friends or the greasy cheeseburger staring up at you, asking you why the heck you would spend $2.99 on a processed slab of meat that will only make your stomach hurt for the following eight hours. Keep yourself accountable and keep your goals small and realistic. Let other people know about those goals so they can keep you accountable. And, last of all, write them down on paper in a place that you frequently see. It will remind you of your promise, and help you to keep it. Good luck with your resolutions!

My first daily resolution is to deep-clean my room, including my closet. Right now, when I enter my room, it feels like I just lost a game of competitive snowman building, ate too many slices of American Cheese, and recieved my report card for the semester all in one greatly undesired moment. But, when I am done, it will feel like I won competitive snowman building, ate mozerella cheese, and still have a week before I see my reoprt card. Wish me luck.