Monday, January 31, 2011

back in black

The month of January has been interesting. I'm not going to sum it all up, but basically I decided to take a break from the internet (which was outrageously refreshing and almost unheard of in the modernized world).

I did a lot of writing. I wrote about 50 pages in the last 2 weeks. It has been very productive. I also have been doing a lot of reading. I'm engrossed in the Stieg Larsson novels. I'm currently half-way through The Girl Who Played With Fire. The sequel is in the mail right now, headed to my dorm room.

Today is the first day of classes for the Spring semester. I have an 8am class every Mon/Wed/Fri. So, I've decided to wake up at 6am to work out, do devotions, and eat breakfast. I did that this morning and it was wonderful. I hope I can keep this up through the semester. I'll have to go to bed every night around 11:30pm, which actually isn't all that difficult: I did it last night.

Yesterday I had 3 flights to get from Minnesota to Indiana. Yes, that's right, Indiana is only 3 states away. I landed in Wisconsin, then Michigan, and then Indiana. Roundabout much? I'm not going to complain though, because I love traveling. I have officially flown 33 times. Yes, I keep track.

I spent my travels yesterday people watching, reading, and occasionally writing my book. It was wonderful.

Now that I am back in the dorm and seeing all the guys again (many of whom grew too much facial hair over the infamously lazy J-term) which has been nice. My roommate and I are in 2 of the same classes together, one of which is Political Thinking, which I'm looking forward to a lot. I've not taken much politics before, and i'm ready to start.

As far as my novel goes... it is actually going wonderfully. I solved my writers' block that has been bothering me for so long, and am getting far in the story. Also, I am setting up a few interviews with real-life computer hackers. (They're the good guys, though. Technically their job titles would be something like: Cyber Security Analyst). I cannot write 2-3 chapters until I conduct the interviews, but they live in MN, so I have to wait until Spring Break. Oh, dang.

I'll be updating much more frequently, especially now that I am not taking a break from the internet.

Have a wonderful day, and make it a point today to make someone smile!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Before I talk about the New Year and all that jazz, I need to make a quick correction about my last blog entry before I keel over from sheer shame. Hemingway is not spelled: "Hemmingway". There is only one M in there.

I barely did any research about Hemingway (still going to do it, just haven't gotten around to it quite yet). My thought process is thus: I am a writer. I must learn about the best writers that ever lived so I can be awesome like them.

Logical assumption, right? I read Hemingway = I get a book deal. (Slight sarcasm there. I still think wishful thinking means probable future. Why limit yourself?)

If you look at the link of this blog, it is everydaynewyear2010, which is a long name and corny, so I wish I could change it, but hey, whatever. The origional intent was to set a daily resolution for myself to accomplish.


In the months following, it has transformed into something... different. But, that cannot go to say that I can't set New Year's Resolutions for myself and still hope to accomplish them.

Here are a few of mine. Some will be extremely difficult to complete, others are crazy easy.

1. Be able to bench my own body weight.
2. Be able to do the splits. (Recognize this one from last year? Shame is written all over this)
3. Finish writing my book. (By far the hardest one)
4. Learn a new talent.

Sure, there are only four of them, but hey, they're hard. Okay, none of them are: "Crazy easy" as I stated some would be before thinking about the list. But, they'll stretch me. (The splits especially. Haha)

I've decided to stay home over J-term (or interm, whatever you prefer it be called) to work. So, instead of having a ton of fun with my friends for a month at college and get 3 free credits over J-term, I will be staying home and working. Sounds like a blast, right? This month is going to be hard. I love my family like crazy, but I'd way rather be at college right now. I hope the new year starts of with a good month.