Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Before I talk about the New Year and all that jazz, I need to make a quick correction about my last blog entry before I keel over from sheer shame. Hemingway is not spelled: "Hemmingway". There is only one M in there.

I barely did any research about Hemingway (still going to do it, just haven't gotten around to it quite yet). My thought process is thus: I am a writer. I must learn about the best writers that ever lived so I can be awesome like them.

Logical assumption, right? I read Hemingway = I get a book deal. (Slight sarcasm there. I still think wishful thinking means probable future. Why limit yourself?)

If you look at the link of this blog, it is everydaynewyear2010, which is a long name and corny, so I wish I could change it, but hey, whatever. The origional intent was to set a daily resolution for myself to accomplish.


In the months following, it has transformed into something... different. But, that cannot go to say that I can't set New Year's Resolutions for myself and still hope to accomplish them.

Here are a few of mine. Some will be extremely difficult to complete, others are crazy easy.

1. Be able to bench my own body weight.
2. Be able to do the splits. (Recognize this one from last year? Shame is written all over this)
3. Finish writing my book. (By far the hardest one)
4. Learn a new talent.

Sure, there are only four of them, but hey, they're hard. Okay, none of them are: "Crazy easy" as I stated some would be before thinking about the list. But, they'll stretch me. (The splits especially. Haha)

I've decided to stay home over J-term (or interm, whatever you prefer it be called) to work. So, instead of having a ton of fun with my friends for a month at college and get 3 free credits over J-term, I will be staying home and working. Sounds like a blast, right? This month is going to be hard. I love my family like crazy, but I'd way rather be at college right now. I hope the new year starts of with a good month.

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  1. Hey, just getting into college and starting a whole new way of life is a HUGE accomplishment and a HUGE amount of work. You should be proud of that.