Sunday, February 28, 2010


I haven't bloggest in a while, so my resolution was to blog today.

Wow, I have quite a few things to say.

Talking to the Marine Recruiter went very well. It turns out that getting into the Spcial Forces aren't as difficult as I thought it was and if I tried I could get in. But, I'm not feeling right about that descision, so, i'm not sure. I am not 100% sure about anything right now. I am leaning towards writing as a career but i'm not sure yet.

On Saturday I went out with Nate Tucker to see the movie Shutter Island. It was a very creepy movie. Creepy is the best way to describe it. It was a horror movie, it was "on the edge of your seat" kind of movie. The entire movie I was expecting a crazed insane person to jump in front of the screen screeching, which did happen a few times actually, which made it even worse considering that I jumped at the intro when they started playing the music because it started so suddenly.

AFterwards I went to work. We had to call the cops on someone. It was kind of weird. There was this dude sitting in the shotgun seat of his car with his headlights on in front of Caribou doing absulutely nothing in the pitch dark for an hour and a half. We were creeped out, and escpecially after seeing the movie Shutter Island with a bunch of phsycho people, I did not feel comfortable. So we called the police and asked for a cop to drop by and check it out.

It turns out that the cops were on their way to Caribou to take a break and get a coffee (they do this often; the cops are totally awesome, they are regulars). So, not 30 seconds after we hang up with the operater, a cop car pulls up. It turns out that the guy was waiting for his wife who was getting a 2 hour massage.


After work, I came home and watched NCIS and CSI creepy Crime Scene Investigation stuff. It was not until my head it the pillow that night and I closed my eyes that I realized that I had watched a movie filled with phsycopaths, then called the cops on a potential creeper, then watched a few episodes of strange crime cases... wow, not smart, Ben. That is sure not the recipe for a good night of sleep.

In case you were wondering, I did have a pleasant sleep despite the creepy things.

My resolution for tomorrow is to organize my life/balance checkbook/do laundry.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So, I have been slacking majorly for blogging. I am sorry Josh Gates. You are the only one that really reads this consistently, so I'd better apologize to you specifically. ;)

I have been forced to watch old movies in my Film Studies class. I now totally respect old people for surviving through that dark stage of unimaginative thinking and terrible technological attempts at creative camera work and takes in film but utterly failing with but a few exceptions from before 1980 in the film making industry. If you can't tell, I dislike old movies.

I am meeting with a Marine recruiter after class at 6:00pm. I talked to him on the phone and answered a few questions. He was impressed that I don't do drugs or smoke and have never received a speeding ticket or parking violation. I have never felt so special for something so simple.

He told me over the phone to treat tonight as I would a job interview. So, taking his advice to the letter, I am now wearing my suit I wore to prom, and have a bouquet of flowers to make his night smell a little better.

Just kidding. I am not wearing a suit and will not be bringing flowers. I am, however, wearing pin-striped pants, a pin striped vest and a button up white shirt with rolled up sleeves. Completed with dress socks and shoes... even a nice belt. I want to be presentable, and I highly doubt that any almost 18 year old guy walking into a recruiter's office dresses up to be presentable and hands them a resume of why they are qualified. Yes, I will be top pickings.

The other day (more specifically, Monday) I went shopping with Jono Gates. We went to Mall of America and shopped around for awesome clothes. It was very fun, and it was good to hang out with him. But, since there were two clean-cut decently dressed males shopping together, a decent amount of people thought we were gay. Oh well.

After shopping I went back to Gates house and hung around, ate dinner... Brenden Forte was there. When I first say his name in writing I thought it was pronounced "Fortay" like the music term... but alas, it is pronounced like the forts I used to build when I was a kid... and still do build forts, actually. That is a highly honorable name to possess.

Anyways, a little sidetracked there. We played Mario. Yes, that's right. We went old school. Okay, I guess it's not old school since it's on the Wii and it's a new version of Mario. But, it was so fun! There were lots of laughs. Four teenage males huddled around a game that is primarily played by 5-14 year olds is a very interesting place to be. Wish you were there.

My resolution for tomorrow is to catch up on school and be productive. I have a pretty good amount of homework to get done and I should get crack-a-lackin'.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today, it was announced in church that my dad would be stepping down as pastor at Adoration Church in two weeks, on March 12th.

This is a decision that has been in the works for over 5 months. My dad has been seeking council from pastors in the area, close friends, and praying to see what God wants my dad to do.

I have not shared this with you yet because I did not want to spread any rumors, and just in case it did not happen. But, today it became official.

My dad feels that his time at Adoration was rich and wonderful, but that the time and effort he put into it was what God wanted for him, and now God has other things for Adoration in mind, and for my dad's future.

I'm not sure what he's going to do for a job afterwards. He has been thinking about going back into the IT world, but jobs are hard to come by, especially since he's not worked in the IT world for so long.

Prayer for my dad and us would be amazing in this time of indecision and joblessness as of March 12th.

Friday, February 19, 2010


So, I have not balanced my checkbook yet. That was my resolution for today. =P

But, I kind of changed my resolution halfway through the day. I decided that I have not kickboxed in a long time. I've been a little stiff, and I wanted to get some adrenaline pumping and perfect my punches and kicks. Wow, let me tell you, you all need to get stand-up punching bags. It feels incredible. It is an amazing workout. It lets out a lot of steam, too. And, as a bonus, it makes you feel really hardcore.

So, right now as i type this, I am listening to an online sermon that I heard an excerpt of on the radio. It is really funny and very good. Muy bien.

I've been thinking more and more about the Military as an option for my future, and lately i've been leaning toward writing as my future instead of the Special Forces. I am still undecided, but lately i've been thinking more and more, and I think I really want to have a family and get married.

The other day I was in speech class, and the guy I sit next to had something not quite right.
A little background on this guy (Tim). He is really nice, and we talk every day that we have Speech class together, but he is not stylish by any stretch of the imagination. He comes to class and I half expect him to be dragging his pillow and blanket in with him, because he honestly looks like he just got out of bed. His hair is one of the worst bed-heads i've ever seen, and no, it is not intentional.

Halfway through class the other day, I notice a pocket on the back of his shirt. I thought this to be very odd because it looked like one of the shirts with a small pocket on the front left side of the chest (the one designed to hold pens) ;). After a few seconds, I saw that that was the pocket that is supposed to be on the front. He was wearing his shirt backwards, with bedhead, shoes that were out of style before they were even manufactured for the first time, and jeans... lets not even mention the jeans. I half expected to see his jeans be backwards too, but they were not.

Needless to say, it was highly entertaining for me. I am just glad for his sake that he did not have a speech that day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So, my resolution for today was to learn something new. I am very proud to share with you a sip from my fountainous knowledge.
I have discovered that if you cite the source of the knowledge that you've gained, it doesn't seem as admirable and incredible. So, if you simply state the knowledge such as: "I've always known this, and of course, I never read it somewhere, i'm just that smart..."

So, with that in mind, I have always known this piece of information, and be in awe at my uncanny ability of collecting random information. Synanthesis (I think that's how you spell it) is a condition where when a word, sound, or image triggers two senses in the brain instead of one.

For example. If someone said the word "Prayer", usually people hear the word, and that's it. For some people with Synanthesis (for each person, different words and images trigger different responses) but, when that word is spoken, they hear the word, and also taste bacon in their mouths. Somehow the brain attributes the word "prayer" with the sensation of taste, and that taste resembles bacon.

If I had it I would be saying "prayer" hundreds of times a day.

Don't I sound so smart when I say it all like that? Okay, and now to ruin my perceived awesomeness to you, I will cite my source. In speech class we watched a sample speech online, and the speech was about this certain condition. 2%-4% of everyone in the world has it. Weird, huh? That means you probably know a good 100 people with it and don't even know it.

Random trivia fun!

Okay, so I am on my 5 and 1/2 hour break that I have every Thursday, which means... It's time to watch Chuck online! Yay! I love Thursdays!

My resolution for tomorrow is to balance my checkbook, something that I probably haven't done since I last blogged about it, and yes, I blogged about it in early January, so it is long overdue.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My resolution was to praise/spend time with God.

On the way to school, I praised God through song/listening to awesome 95.3, and at stoplights I talked to God and memorized a verse that I have written down on a notecard. It was very good, but not good enough. I need to immerse myself in God and give up everything that I am apart from Him. Lord, help me to do that daily.

After school yesterday, I went to accountability group. It is officially/unofficially dubbed "Guy's Group". We used to meet every Monday night at Caribou, but we changed it to Tuesday nights because it is more convenient for everone's crazy schedules.

After school I picked Tim up because he wouldn't be able to make it. We had a good discussion in the car that continued into Caribou when Seth and Matt were 30 minutes late (not to blame them or anything).

But, Guys' group was good! Nate ditched us for his recent Girlfriend, whom is awesome. Jordie Reason is her name, and yes, I do make many a pun with her last name.

Isn't it awkward when you're glancing around the classroom and at the exact moment that you're glancing at someone, they look at you, then they give you the odd look that's like: "Have you been staring at me for minutes now you creeper?"
Yeah, but with me it usually happens with the same person multiple times within the same class period, so by the end of the class, they hurry out of the room so I don't approach them... I'm sure my subconscious is making it up to be much worse than it is; all I know is that it's really really really awkward and I wish I could crawl under my desk and hide. That would be prefferable.
My resolution for tomorrow is to learn something new.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

radio for life

Caution: contains spoilers about The Book of Eli. If you have not seen it yet, stop reading this right now, because it is an amazing movie, and totally worth seeing without knowing the twist.

Question: Is Eli supposed to be blind in the movie? I have heard both ways...

Supporting argument for him being blind: The quote of him talking to Solara "I walk by faith, not by sight."
Him being able to read brail
His eyes at the end of the movie look weird

Supporting argument for him being able to see: He is one amazing shot with a pistol, bow and arrow, awesome sword skills, and he can shoot a bird out of the sky...
Just because you can read brail doesn't mean that you are blind
His eyes had cataracts (SP?) and that's why they looked weird at the end

I've seen the movie twice. I adore that movie. It's a dark movie and slightly depressing at the end, but a great movie none the less.
So, wondering the answer to that exact question, I did what any smart person would do. I typed "Is Eli supposed to be blind in the movie The Book of Eli?" Into Google.

Yes, the term "research" to me starts with Google and ends with Wikipedia. Sue me.

Needless to say, all the answers were opinionated, and I did not get one link to the script writer's view or the actor's view on it. Everyone was like: "Well, i've been debating it for 2 days now". And i'm like: "Just because you've thought about it longer than 5 seconds doesn't mean that you're right."

So, Google was helpless, and Wikipedia was opinionated. So, I guess i'll stick with my origional thoughts that he can see, but he is walking by faith literally because he keeps walking West, and not by sight metaphorically speaking.

If you have been thinking recently: "There are no good radio stations anymore... all the secular ones have some good songs, but I don't want to listen to them all day. KTIS never changes their playlist and has been playing the same songs for 20 years now, and The Refuge when they discover a new song, they play it until the very name of that song makes you break out in hives and bleed from your ears.
Fear not!!! I have come across a radio station that has changed my views on how radio ought to be. It is called Praise FM. It is found on 95.3. It is worship music that is not as overplayed as the refuge, and they have awesome songs unlike KTIS. At random points throughout the day, they stop the music and have excerpts from sermons on the air. And the good thing is it's not like KTIS when they do it. KTIS has sermons like: "I'm sure everyone can relate to me when I say that 1932 was the craziest year ever. But, since that, i've given my life to Christ, and I won't spend time talking about stuff that young people can relate to, because i'm sure they're all off drinking and partying anyways like Teens do, and all the KTIS listeners are 110 years old, so here goes..."

Yeah, and since I am a few years away from my 110th birthday, I have a bit longer 'till I can relate to their sermon topics. But, at Praise FM, they have awesome sermons that teens, young adults, and people who are 110 can relate to. You don't have to have lived through the "crazy" year of 1932 to be able to get the message.

I encourage you to listen to it.
My resolution for the day is to spend time with God. However that looks like, spend time with God today.

Monday, February 15, 2010

random acts of kindness

I could not update last night because I watched The Office and part of the kung fu movie Ong Bak Thai Warrior.. and by the time both of them were finished, it was far too late for me to update my blog. So, this is for Sunday (yesterday).

My resolution for yesterday was to make someone's night. Last night was Valentine's Day. It was actually a fun time working last night, I was expecting it to be really slow and hard to work on Valentine's Day when I could be sitting at home eating chocolate and watching a chick flick feeling sorry for my singleness...

Last night I kind of forgot about my resolution, so I did not go out of my way just for the sake of fulfilling my resolution, but I did make someone's night. =)I did not realize until afterwards that it qualifies for my resolution, so I feel very happy inside. =)

To take a quote from the movie "You've Got Mail" (I adore that movie) Tom Hanks says in one of his letters to "Shopgirl" (online friends) "Do you ever feel that you've become the worst version of yourself? You were given an opportunity to do something right then you just shot it down 'Hello, it's Mr. Nasty.' "

I doubt that is the exact quote, I'm justing typing from memory, but I feel kind of like that. I used to go out of my way to do something nice for someone without any hope or expectation of a reward. Lately, I haven't even been looking for those opportunities to help out and be kind. So, I do in a sense feel like "Mr. Nasty".

Last night my manager's daughter was visiting Caribou (she usually comes in when my manager is working) and reads/does homework. When she decided to leave, she had to scrape off her car because it had been snowing quite heavily, and her car was icy. No one was coming in at the moment, and I saw that she was having trouble scraping it off her car. So, I went outside and cleared the snow for her. I felt so good inside afterwards, I wanted to do something good again.

My manager loved me for it, and a few customers saw me do it, so maybe I made other people's nights without knowing it.
But, the intention was not to make people think i'm so selfless or anything, but to simply show God's love through a simple act of kindness, and I think I accomplished that last night.

Is anybody reading my blog anymore? I have not recieved any comments in like 2 weeks. I feel like i'm sending the musings of my life into a giant void.

My resolution for the rest of the day is to write my book for 3 hours. I don't care how many pages, but I need to do it for 3 hours.
Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

My resolution for yesterday was to make my sister feel loved. =) I couldn't update yesterday because we were watching a movie until 1:30am. Afterwards I was quite tired, so decided to do the update this morning instead of at1:30am.

So, we went out to Chianti Grill. It was really good. Chianti Grill is a new Italian restauraunt about the same classy level as Olive Garden. We got there at 5:30 and they were on a wait for over an hour, so we sat and talked until 6:50, then we were seated. Yeah, that it the longest I've ever waited for a table before.

We had a fun time. I had a seafood pasta dish. It was excellent. It had shrimp, crab, I think a bit of lobster all mixed in this cheesy/pasta-ee goodness.

Then, we drove to Barnes and Noble and browsed around. Hannah found a few photography books to look at, and I picked up a few "real" books and started reading. But of course, if there is a picture of someone, I always have to see it.

I have recently discovered an obsession of mine. It is the weirdest obsession. I am obsessed with people's faces. I just love to look at random people's faces. I could do it all day without getting bored. So, Hannah was looking through a Portrait photography book, which was tortuous to my concentration until I ended up looking through the portrait book.

I find people's faces so intreaguing. It is a pathway to their soul. A face has so much character and depth in it. You can tell so much about a person from their face. Anyways, that was a little random.

Oh, I discovered a disturbing truth while at Chianti grill. Follow my logic carefully:

Caffine is technically a drug
I sell caffinated drinks at Caribou
I am a drug dealer


After Barnes and Noble we went to Blockbuster and rented the movie "Made of Honor". It's a romantic comedy. It was funny, and it had it's good parts, but overall it was just okay. I wouldn't recommend it.

Oh, and before we started the movie, we made home-made peanut butter cookies and ate them while watching the movie. It was so fun! =)

So, I hope I made Hannah feel special, because she is very special to me. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration.

My resolution for today is to make a random person's day tonight. I'm working tonight. Yes, that is correct, I am working on Valentine's day.

Friday, February 12, 2010


My resolution for today was to do an army workout.
I did do a really intense workout, but, it was technically not an army workout. I was at school, then went directly to Fitness 19 and worked out for 2 hours. Then I went home, then I went to work, and now here I am after work at 11:00pm. So, as you can see, I had no time to find an army workout to do.

But, my 2 hours of intense hardcore working out was very fun and very difficult. I ran about 3 miles. I worked out my arms and legs mostly, both of which are incredibly sore. I feel really good though.

I just realized that making drinks at Caribou can be really really really awkward. People wait for their drinks three feet away and stare at me. I sometimes feel really weird because they are just staring at me waiting for me to make a mistake. Someone once said: "It's like a zoo..."
Yeah, thanks girl, that's really reinforcing. Thank you.

A few of my favorite quirks about customers at Caribou are these:

When someone starts their order like "I'll just have..." as if they're holding back on what they usually have, then they order: "I'll just have a large Turtle Mocha extra Caramel and Snickers, a blueberry muffin and a Maple Scone."

Also, when someone orders a skim latte then they say "Oh, and ahhh, no froth."
They say it like there is too much fat in the froth. For your information, froth is just milk... and then these people are like "I'm going to watch my weight by not having the froth."

Yeah, so, those are a couple of random stuff that make my job funny.

My resolution for tomorrow is to make my sister feel special and loved. =) Taking her out on an early Valentine's day celebration. =)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

writings and workouts

My resolution for today was to write 5 pages in my book.

*Trumpets sound* I did it! Yay! I wrote 3 pages while waiting for class while on my laptop, then when I got to my uberly boring class, I hand wrote 2 pages on breaks and boring parts of the class. It actually turned out well. Me gusta escritas.

That spanish probably made no sense.

Today I watched 3 episodes of Chuck at the computer lab. They were so funny it was hard to remain quiet while laughing on the inside. I hate being quiet while laughing, it ruins the enjoyment.

A military recruiter called me because of an online form I filled out. I think i'm goign to go in and talk to him and get the low-down on how to get into Special Forces. I've seen all the websites, but it will be a lot more comprehensive to talk face-to-face with someone.

When I let out air when breathing, it's fun to see how long I can let it out. If you do it slowly, you can go for like a minute and a half. I feel so weird but so awesome when I do it.

Place your index finger on your earlobe, and now place your thumb on the same hand behind the earlobe. Now snap your fingers. It feels funny.

My resolution for tomorrow is to do a "Suggested Military Workout" that they have listed on one of their websites.

If I die, draw a smiley face on my grave.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

kick butt

My resolution for today was to wake up at 8:00am and stay awake for the rest of the day. I woke up at 9:00...

I felt rested when I got up. I usually get up at 9:30, so it is a small improvement, plus I actually felt awake until I got to class, then the boredom drowned me in it's mundane-ness.

I think I have a ninja in my art class. My teacher was setting up a standing lamp to get a nice shadow on an object, when the lamp started to fall over. One of my classmates lept from yards away and caught it in mid-air and returned it to its place. Everyone was awed for a few seconds. I whispered. "Ninja." And my art teacher applauded him.

I am proud to announce this ninja-man is now my friend, and art class is not as boring now. He actually gave me a writing book because he knew I like to write. He said he got a ton of these random writing books a long time ago and he never uses them. We was going to sel them, but they offered him 2$ per book... so he was going to throw them away, then he decided to give me one to see if I liked it. He is so nice.

Recently, while conversing with my sister, I said that if I have twin boys someday i'd like to name one "Kick" and the other one "Butt" so I can introduce them as "Kick Butt!"

It was not to a few seconds later that I realized that Butt's name would be "Butt Schmitt"... and "Kick Schmitt"... if you don't get it, say the names out loud. You know what "Schmitt" sounds like?
Okay, congratulations, you got it now.
If I have a girl i'd name her "Imma". We had a good laugh about that one.

Call me cruel, but to add to my family's weirdness, i'd name my dog "Peeve" so I could have a "Pet Peeve"! I will have an amazing family someday. Women... watch out for this wild stallion.

I hate school. What else is new?

I went to my accountabiltiy group tonight, and apparently all the other guys cancelled last minute besides Nate Tucker and me. So, we hung out at Caribou and talked for 3 and a half hours. It was good to catch up with him. Nate is awesome. If you're reading this, Nate, you are an amazing friend, and I thank God for you. =) Prayin' for you, bro.

Tomorrow I am at school until 10:00pm, so my resolution will have to be achievable at school. What should it be? I've had trouble thinking of good resolutions since January 3rd... a whole month later and it's not much easier.

My resolution for tomorrow is to write five pages in my book. Notice that whenever I have a reoslution about writing my book it is always "5 pages". 5 pages is the perfect length. It is challenging enough so i'll have to actually think and work at it, but not impossible enough to not achieve while in the middle of school-work. It is the perfect medium. =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mass effect

Right now, I sit in the DCTC lounge/lobby area. I am beyond uncomfortable right now. There is this girl about fifteen yards away from me that has been staring at me about about 8 minutes now, nonstop. Even when I make eye contact with her, she keeps staring. It is sooo unsettling. So, to appear proccupied, I put my earbuds in to pretend to listen to music... maybe I should atcually listen to music.

The girl stopped staring at me for a period of about a minute. This is a nice break.

Dang it, she's doing it again.

Okay, so, back on track. I apologize to both my readers and myself for not blogging for the last four days. Caleb surprised us all by showing up at ouir house Saturday night and saying: "Hey! I decided to drive up and spend the weekend!"

So, I have a small excuse. But as for yesterday I was just lazy.

So, without further ado, I will jump into the lake that is adventure.

Today I had a speech to present in speech class. It was on "The day you were born" and random things in history that ties in to that date or the year, etc... I hated doing that topic because now everyone knows how old I am. Usually, If I don't say anything, people think i'm around 2o years old, which I find very flattering. So, when I have to openly admit that I am actually 17, and to see the expressions on people's faces... it sucks. The oldest person in the class is about 60. The average age is like 22, or 21. So, now i'm the awkward elephant in the room. "Oh my gosh! That guy is 17 years old! He's just a kid!"

Yeah, apart from that, the speech went wonderfully. I got people laughing, no, not at me, but with me. That's a major plus. (The girl isn't staring at me anymore, she decided to do homework. YAY!!) And, from their reactions, I think they loved it. At the beginning I was nervous, and had a hundred thousand butterflies flittering around in my stomach, making it feel like it was floating. I hate that feeling. But, once they got laughing I got comfortable and I killed it after that. I feel great now!

There is a random business man sitting on a class room chair outside in nice clothes while doing absulutely nothing. This place is so random.

Valentine's day is coming up. I have fondly named it: "Singles Awareness Day" because i've never officially been in a relationship over that day... not to mention never being in an official relationship on any other day. This this year nothing has changed. But, I am looking forward to it, because my sister is single too, so we're going out on a date together. We're getting food at a fancy restaurant, then going to Barnes and Noble and read random books and funny clippings and laugh (maybe get some coffee while there) then going to the midnight showing of Valentine's Day. Heck yes! I am so looking forward to it!

I just noticed that the girl who was staring at me holds her pencil really oddly.

I've had to shovel about 7 times in the last 2 days. The mounds at the end of the driveway are taller than me. I am 6 foot 1. They are about 6.5 feet tall. You have no freaking idea how difficult it is to scoop a heavy pile of snow and throw it 6.5 feet in the air without it sliding down on the driveway again. Oh, and not to mention that I have to do about 150 of those motions in one job of shoveling... and I've done it 7 times. I cannot sit up straight without back support my back hurts so badly. I have never wanted a proffessional massage therapist more than I do now.

Yes, I wrote "Proffessional Massage herapist" because Blogspot doesn't offer spell check and I don't know how to spell massuse. Messuse. Mesuse. Massuss. Mussoose. Mysoos. Micoose. Mosoose.

Yeah, you get my point.

Lately i've been strongly considering going into Special Forces instead of writing. Yeah, that is a major potential change, but now i'm not so sure what God wants for me, so your prayer would be amazing.

I'm not sure what Special Forces i'd want to go into exactly. I've been considering Green Beret or MARSOC. Greeb Beret is sooooo hard, though. They have like 3 years of training specifically for that position before you're a "Green Beret"... and that's not including the boot camp, basic training, etc... I'd have to learn another languag fluently (I SUCK at languages) and other awesome stuff. I know that if I go into Special Forces i'd never get married or have a family which would suck like nothoing else... but, someone has to sacrifice what the want most so others can have it. I think that is one of the most selfless and honorable things a living human being can do for another. I don't really care if I die, and I know that if I really try, I think I can get in; so now it is to wait on God to see what he wants me to do.

So, the descision of author vs. military has been boiling in my head for about two weeks now. At first I thought it probably wouldn't stick and i'd eventually pick being an author because that's what i'm good at and i've wanted to be that since I was 12... but, honestly, I have completely no idea which one i'm going to choose in the end. I need to make a descision shortly because I need to do classes/programs/etc... based on what I choose to do in the future.

Please pray.

My resoluion for tomorrow is to wake up at 8:00am and stay awake. (I usually wake up at 9:30 and remain tired until 12:30... having a foggy brain until 12:30 is not fun, so I'd like to start getting on a better sleep schedule.

Friday, February 5, 2010

scary wary

So, today I did not set a resolution for myself. =P

Why do people find joy at other people failing? One of the hardest I've ever laughed was at 2:00am on youtube watching videos called "fat people falling down". Call me sadistic, but that is halarious, and I honestly cannot explain why it is so funny.

I finished watching the first season of Chuck. It is absulutely halarious! If I can do one thing throguh this post, I hope it is to convince you to start watching the TV show Chuck. They have free episodes online. The main actor, Zachery Levi is a Christian, as I recently found out, which makes it even cooler.

My hair is growing a tiny bit, so now it doesn't look and feel as bad as it first was. I am having fun with "messy hair" looks.

Wow, I have been realizing more and more how jumpy I am. My mom and dad are watching a movie on my dad's laptop, and a woman just screamed bloody murder, and I screamed and jumped a foot, while my mom and dad remained perfectly still... I am not even watching the movie... I jump when someone walks around the corner quietly. I cannot imagine what my reaction would be if someone actually tried to scare me.

During thriller movies I scream at the drama parts... you don't even want to know what I do when there is a jump scene.

Caleb randomly showed up at our house today! He decided "I want to visit my family over the weekend". So, he hopped in the car, and he's here until Sunday afternoon. It is sooo good to see him again!

My resolution for tomorrow is to write at least 5 pages in my book.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

push ups

This is for yesterday, Wednesday February 3rd.

My resolution was to do 50 push ups in one minute. I am very proud to say that I beat my goal. I did 53 push ups in one minute. I would like to get to 70 in a minute, though. I did 49 push ups with 18 seconds remaining, so, if I was in shape, I could get to over 70 in a minute.

Today was a good day. I was productive in school. I hate school this semester. I have always enjoyed school ever since I can remember, but this semester is just boring. My classes are easy; I don't have to try, I don't even really want to try. I can't wait for the summer, when I can work full time and write, make progress instead of being in the dead zone... aka, DCTC.

Get this, I am taking an entire class on how to write and find stuff in libraries. Let me tell you what I am "learning".

How to write a 5 paragraph essay. How to write a pursuasive essay. How to read critically. How to critique peers' work. And, my favorite part about it: how to get sources for essays.


I could have passed this class in 7th grade, if not sooner, and there are adults in there! One guy is like 60 years old.

My resolution for tomorrow is to try to subtly make my class think that i'm not gay. Yes, tomorrow is my awkward class.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This post is for yesterday.

So, my resolution for yesterday was to be a ninja.
After getting home from school later-ish around 5:45, I had a headache. So, my origional plan was ruined. My plan was to dress up in my ninja outfit, kickbox, and run around the house being awesome. The headache kind of got in the way of that.

Not to mention that Josh Gates got me hooked on the TV show Chuck. I am officially addicted. If you have never seen it, go to and search for Chuck, they have full episodes on there.

So, not being ninja, doing homework, and watching Chuck, that is what I did yesterday.
Oh wait, I did have a nina-ish moment. Okay, I felt proud of myself in a stylish manner, but it sounds lame out loud. At 12:30 last night when I was going to bed, it was so dark I couldn't see anything while walking up the stairs, without feeling the wall or the railing, I knew exactly when the steps ended and the 2nd floor began. I smiled to myself.

This is really weird, but lately I've been really thinking about being in the CIA or FBI. Injustice makes me so incredibly mad. To be able to save people lives and to put away the people to currupt the world... is that more noble than changing people's lives through writing? Life is so short as is it... I could save hundreds of lives, if not cities or countries if I was an agent.

Just a thought, and no, i'm not being sarcastic or just being drawn into it because it would be Jason Bourne-ish. It would be great to go to bed at night knowing that you saved people's lives that day, that you made a difference.

My resolution for tomorrow (today) is to do 50 push ups in a minute. Last I tried to do a lot of push-ups I was too exausted after 45. Let's own this baby!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

OCD ninja

I made myself a resolution for myself today. It was to clean up everything and organize.

I used to be OCD and extremely organized, then last semester hit and my once crazy organized life started slowly spilling, and i'd not always be there with Windex and a paper towel roll ready. Sometimes it would sit there and rot on the perverbial table for a week or two.

My dad is moving into the office downstairs (the main level that is, it is all a matter of perspective what "downstairs" really is) so that means the main office has to be deep cleaned in preparation. That office happened to be my officially unofficial storage space for all the crap I didn't want to throw away but i'd never use in my life.

So, I was forced to pick and choose what I needed, and then organize my messy room once again. Gosh, why do I let it get like that? I always have to clean it sooner or later. Ben!!! Shape up!

My resolution for tomorrow is to be ninja. That is up to your interpretation what it means, but I know exactly what it means for me. I look forward to mastering tomorrow.

31 reasons for the seasons

So, ummmm, I kind of discovered that there was 31 days in January instead of 30. That's slightly embarassing after blogging about it.

Yesterday I did not blog, so this is for the 31st's blog.

So, this last weekend were my chil-ax days. Yes, that is totally my excuse for being a lazy bum. watched an entire season of Survivor over the weekend. It was extremely awesome, and I learned that I love that show.

There was this awesome Christian guy in the final five people on Survivor (the island of Samoa). Evryone (including the jerks)adored him, and from every girl on there, they all agreed that he'd be the perfect husband and father, and the biggest jerk on the show (about 40 years old) said that he wishes he was like that guy when he was his age, and he hopesthat his daghters grow up and marry a guy like him.

It is amazing to me that in the most extreme of circumstances of no food, not much water, and incredible exertion in challanges, Brett (the awesome guy) maintained an incredible attitude and demeanor that spoke to people so loudly that they held him in such high esteem.

It just made me think what I would do in his situation, and made me want to be that guy who despite the terrible circumstances, people can clearly see that something sets him apart from everyone else.

I found that incredibly encouraging.

So, for my list of 31 things that I found interesting as I reflect upon this January:

1. Life is short, set daily goals so you can achieve what you usually cannot
2. I adore plays
3. Make sure that the person dropping you off at night waits to see if you can get into your own house, or you may be stuck outside for a long time shivering
4. DCTC is a creeper haven
5. Singing while driving is extremely enjoyable
6. Working out in a gym can be very awkward
7. Set the weights to a more impressive amount as soon as you leave the machine. It makes you look buff to the next person using it
8. An organized room and schedule = a more organized mind and life
9. Winter sucks
10. California is where its at
11. If I set a large goal for myself, I rarely achieve it
12. I NEED God to survive
13. Hot chocolate next to a fire on a cold day is heavenly
14. Do not laugh out loud while in the school computer lab, everyone stares
15. Do not bring in a presentation of a purse to a class if you're a guy, everyone think's that you're gay (I think they still do think i'm gay... it's awkward)
16. Try not to make Lord of the Rings quotes out loud in class even if they do apply perfectly... the teacher stares blankly at you, then you have to explain yourself and it is extremely embarassing
17. If you're working on your laptop and it is boring, and slightly awkward, put earbuds in and rock to some tunes, it cures practically anything, aside from a missing arm or leg
18. No matter how cool you are, Ben, you will never be able to do an airiel rotating spin kick only using your left leg... the long fall to the ground hurts tramendously
19. Never underestimate your own stupidity
20. Do your homework assignments before 12:00am the night before they are due... it may save you from doing a purse as your presentation, and in effect, cause the entire class, including the teacher, to think that you are gay. 12:00am subconsciousdoes not work as well as you may think
21. If you look for "that's what she said" moments in tacher's lectures, you pay closer attention and get more out of the class
22. There are 31 days in January, not 30
23. Never, under any circumstances, forget to laugh. It's awesome and it perks you up when you're down
24. Do not cut your own hair, even if you think you'll do a good job.... you won't
25. Making faces out of silly puddy in class and squishing them slowly while making screming noises is extremely amusing, but classmates will slowly scoot their chais away from you
26. No matter how good your story is, MLIA will never publish it
27. If you think you're the most idiotic person on the planet, just think of Michael Scott, and you'll feel like the best person in the world
28. If you think that someone is Korean but they're really Vietnamize, never say their nationality out loud to them unless you are completely positive of their ancestry
29. That once I started blogging, I realized how many stupid things I do and how many awkward situations I get in. I wish I would have blogged daily before this.
30. Do not answer a rhetorical question out loud in class...
31. Think before you speak or do anything

(Yes, I did name this blg that just because it rhymed... sue me)