Saturday, May 22, 2010

does this count?

I am done with high school. Goodbye drama.

Well, I take that back. When I go to college in the fall there will be the "I need to get married" virus going around, which I will be taking the proper vaccinations for during the first semester (at the very minimum).

My dad got a job. He is starting on Monday. It is totally a blessing from God, because there is no way in this job market that my dad can get a job as good as he got (it's an incredible one) in only two months of unemployment. The job is in the IT realm. The business is called Accenture. It fixes computer/hardware/motherboard problems for huge companies like Best Buy, Target... etc... He will be traveling to places like England, Brazil, India, and the Phillipenes.

Yeah. He might be able to bring me if I pay for part of the plane ticket. Heck yes. That would be the most amazing thing ever for writing inspiration. I would love to write a short story or two in those places. Maybe even develop a book plot to write later.

But, that means that I can officially go to Taylor University in the Fall for Creative Writing. Everything is set up, and I am going. I am so happy, I cannot even express myself suffieciently. (I spelled that word wrong... I don't know how it's properly spelled, though, so you're going to have to ignore your OCD habits and let that type slide).

I applied at a few places, hoping I could get a job as a server at a classy-ish restaurant. I think I might get the job at Bonfire as a host. No other placesd are hiring, so i'll be happy with that, and hopefully I can move up to a server sometime soon.

I'm on page 105 in my book. Since school is out I will be cruizing. The plot line is just flowing so clearly right now, it's great to know the next step.

Other AWESOME things:

Workouts that make you so sore you can barely move
Ripped/acid washed jeans
Under armor athletic shoes (I just bought a pair and feel really hardcore)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I will be officially done with school tomorrow. I am so happy I cannot contain myself. Well, at this particular moment all I can feel is anxiety. Tomorrow night I have 10 art projects due. Yes, that's right TEN!!

I want to hire Ninja Assassins trained by the Tibetan Monks to hunt down my teacher and force him back to his sanity. 10 art projects in one folder.

The assignment is to create an entire new world that is totally unlike our own. Create life forms, animals, modes of transportation, entertainment, communication... etc... There are ten pages that will have to be turned in! If this was for creative writing class, I would be all over it and I would have created an alternate universe where everyone is marshmallows, and whenever you get hungry, just take a bite out of yourself and you'll grow back in seconds! That would be awesome... but, no, this is art. My psychotic teacher assumes that everyone has the artistic ability of Michael Angelo, but in reality I am just graduating from kindergarten art program for the "not so talented". Tonight and tomorrow is going to suuuuck.

But, after tomorrow night, I will have nothing to worry about but how many smoothies I want to make in a day, or what movie to watch on a Friday night...

Okay, maybe not that relaxed. I'm going to apply for another job, and hopefully be working 40+ hours a week between my two jobs, while writing my book when i'm not sleeping or working. So, I will be very busy still, but the only thing I need to get done is my book, so that relieves a ton of stress off of my shoulders.

Caleb is coming home in two days! I can't wait to see him! He's going to get a job at Olive Garden as a server (the manager knows him and he basically has the job already). Caleb is going to take the year off and go to Taylor the fall of 2011. He's going to be taking general classes at Normandale over the year so he can get all his "Gen Eds" out of the way. So, he'll be a freshman at Taylor at the age of 21, and he's going to be suuper mature compared to everyone else coming in.

I am enjoying my last few days at DCTC. It is nice to know that I will not have to navigate the halls of this cursed dungeon any longer! No more random people staring at me for uncomfortable lengths of time, people sitting in a chair in the middle of the snow storm in the parking lot, no more people treating their empty hand like a walkie-talkie, no more passing by the used needle cases "When you're done shooting yourself with drugs, be safe and dispose of them responsibly" is what it should say on the front of it.

Anyways, I am soooooooo glad that this chapter in my life has turned and a new one has started. The new chapter title is: "Goodbye stress, hello Awesome".

I named it myself. Are you proud of me?

I am craving lobster, root beer floats, french fries, a huuuuuge burger with every topping you can imagine, so big that I have to cut it in half and squish it down just to be able to fit it into my mouth. *Mouth waters* Annd, i'm craving pizza, lasagna, a milk shake, and chocolate.

In case you were wondering, yes, if that was all in the same meal, that would be the most epic thing on the planet.

Seth Johnson demanded that I make a list of everything that I dub "AWESOME!!!" Because apparently, I think a lot of things are "AWESOME". So, abiding by his request, I will start the list now.

Not the word "Start" at the beginning of the sentence; there is no way I can get everything in here in one sitting.

AWESOME: (Not necessarily in order, the first two are, but after that it's random)

Comfy jeans
Wireless computer mice
Too many movies to count
Jane Austin
Lemonade after mowing the lawn
Barefeet on freshly mowed grass
The smell of rain
Female ninjas
Martial arts
Stylish hair-doos
Converse shoes
The color blue (That sounds like a great name for a book!)
The way snow looks on pine-trees
Black rimmed glasses
Vanilla white chocolate mochas
Caribou Coffee
My laptop (named: Lakisha)
Ted Dekker
V-neck T-shirts
French fries with a TON of salt and ketchup
Snickers and Recees
The combination of peanut butter and chocolate
Comfy couches
Lounge pants (preferably gray)
The military (hardcore to the max)
Large words

I have to go to class, but that is the beginning of my list of what I think is AWESOME!!!
According to Seth, I need to collect all these things and write them down over the summer, and have a completed list by then. Seth, rest assure that I will have my AWESOME list done by then! =)

(And smiley faces are AWESOME!!!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

almost finished

My grandma is coming today. I'm excited. I have an awesome grandma. I can't wait to hang out with her! Plus, she loves reading, and I know she'll love to read my book, so i'm looking forward to showing that off.

I just made a huge plot twist. After watching different homicide detective shows, I can now create investigations interesting, unforseen plot twists, and mysterious activities with ease. One thing that I generally dislike about homicide shows is that they're predictable. I was just watching one last night, and the second that the killer (who when he was introduced, he was a normal guy who was unsuspecting) I whispered to Hannah that he was the killer, and I turned out to be right.

That show is Psych, and that show is usually unpredictable, so I enjoy that, but lately i've been really good. Yeah, i'm just trying to make everyone realize that i'm basically a real life investigative detective.

Today was the last day of speech class. All my classes are wrapping up. It feels nice. I will be able to spend a lot of time writing, now.

Not cool. A lady came into the computer lab, and out of the 50 empty computers to choose from that were by themselves, she chose the one that was right next to me (awkward, yes) and then turned the moniter like 40 degrees away from me and keeps shooting glancing at me. I'm trying not to look her way, because last time I did, she inched her moniter further away from me. Yeah... I won't be missing DCTC.

I will be applying for a job at a book distribution center called Mackin. It is about two blocks away from my house, and I hope to work mornings there moving and packing boxes, and working at Caribou part time in the evenings. I was going to take summer classes at Normandale, but I missed the deadline for registration, so I hope I get the job at Mackin, because I need to work a lot so I can have some money at college.

I need to find another roommate since the one I was planning on rooming with is going somewhere else... Matthew is irreplaceable; I don't want to get a random roommate, because it could be hell living with some random dude. I don't know if he's going to have athlete's foot, OCD, carry sticks of butter in his pockets, stay up until 3:00am every morning partying, hate me, or a nasty combination of all of them, in which case I would rather shower with a gorilla.

But, I will at least be at Taylor. Well, it looks that way so far. The financial stuff worked out, and I won't have much debt coming out, there is only one loose end to be tied up until the preverbal knot will be ready.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Are you ready for awkwardness?
So, for as long as I can possibly remember, I thought the name for the line of hair on a male that starts under the belly button was called "The happy trail". I didn't think twice about the name, I just thought it was a normal name for anything else like ear, armpit, kneecap... happy trail...

But, apparently, not very many people call it the happy trail and will think you are majorly messed up if you call it such. I discovered this piece of information a while ago when my belt accedentally plucked out hair from my happy trail and I yelled in surprise and pain. I was with my guy friends and they all asked what happened. I then told them that my belt pulled hair off my happy trail. They looked at me in silence for about five seconds before there was an awkward clearing of the throat and they informaed me that no one calls it that.

Without thinking, I decided to bring it up with my sister and parents.


They just stared at me too. Advice from the not-so-wise, never under any circumstances call it a happy trail in public.

For the female readers who are now cringing, wishing they never started reading this post, don't worry, that story is finished.

Today was speech class. We are supposed to perform two speeches, both on the same topic, that are supposed to pursway the audience one way or the other. The second time you deliver the speech, you have to switch sides on the issue, so it forces you to see from someone else's point of view. Most people picked topics like abortion, same sex marraige, the death penalty...

I thought those topics were all too cliche and boring, so I went with the subject of which is the better superhero, Spiderman or Superman.
My first speech was for Spiderman, and today I spoke for Superman.

Everyone really enjoyed it because it was a change of pace and I did a lot of improv humor to make it more interesting. But, for a conclusion, I ripped open my shirt to reveal a superman costume underneath.

The most epic conclusion in the history of public speaking.

My speech teacher loved it. I can't wait to see his comments.

Tonight I am going to see the movie Iron Man 2. I can't wait. Iron Man 1 was really good, and I always love superhero movies, so I can't wait for the sequal.

My brother, Caleb, is coming home from Kansas in two weeks. I cannot wait!! I miss him so much! Also, he is bringing with him P90x.

If you have never heard of P90x then you have never felt your muscles burn. It is the most extreme workout program on the market. It is a 90 day program where you work out for at least an hour a day, and every other day is an hour and twenty minutes for an added 20 minute ab workout.

Most in shape young adult males, like my brother, cannot even stand after one of their workouts. Caleb is on week 2. He is getting used to the grueling pace, and already notices a difference in his breathing and his heart rate. He is bring it home with him and we're going to use it over the summer.

Yes, afterwards I will have the most epic 8-pack ever. Bring it on!

Monday, May 3, 2010

homocide detectives

It takes more wisdom to heed advice than it does to give it.

My dad gave me advice recently. He said that my writing would considerably improve if I read Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. The Da vinci code is one of the best selling books of all time. Over 80 million copies have been sold. That is a terrifying number. Dan Brown is renoun for his fast-paced writing style with short chapters and ruthless clinchers to keep the reader engrossed until the end.

The type of book that i'm writing needs the exact same style. I need fast paced action. So, yesterday I decided to leave for work early and drop by Barnes and Noble and pick up the book and read it for an hour to see how I liked it.

About to leave for Barnes and Noble, my mom stops me and notifies me that I need to return a book for her. She just got a book as a present, but she already had it, so she wanted me to return it for her. At first I consented, but a wave of realization came over me...

The title of the book? Overcoming Insecurity (for women).

Yes, that's right, it's a self help book for women. Oh my gosh. So, my mom was asking me to go up the register at Barnes and Noble, a male, and basically say: "Oh, I already have a copy of this book, so i'd like to return it".

Weirdo much?

My mom would not budge when I begged her to return it later in the week. So, I finally said yes. Standing in line I made sure that the book's cover was pressed tight against my leg so no one could see me carrying a women's self help book about overcoming their insecurities.

Getting to the register was stil awkward even though I explained it was for my mom as a present and she already had a copy. Oh well. I got a gift card out of the deal to buy a book that I wanted, so I bought Ted Dekker's book Burn.

What is it about a good mystery that intreages everyone? I cannot explain it. I need to figure out the case before the characters do. They're witty, quirky, and likable while solving a murder investigation. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I a confessing my addiction to Homocide Detective TV shows.

This is my guilty pleasure.

Actually, not so guilty. Just pleasure. I find nothing embarrassing about a good murder mystery.

I do, however, like pretty much every homocide detective TV show on the market right now. I only follow two of them consistently, but it's still embarrassing to confess how many of them I find entertaining.

NCIS LA, NCIS, CSI, CSI NY (I used to like CSI Miami, but the characters are boring so I stopped watching it) Castle, and Psych.

The two that I follow consistantly are Castle and Psych. They are extremely humorous and by far the most entertaining to watch. All thw NCIS's and CSI's are interesting, but get old quickly. I have watched select episodes here and there from them, but I love Castle and Psych.

I think I am going to put an investigation into my book. I have seen countless cases, and most of the time, I can call the killer and the means before anyone else can, and before the characters even suspect them. I like to think i'm a natural.

On another note, I re-injured a muscle in my leg. It's one that I pull all the time. If I ice it and take it easy for two days, I know I can kickbox abgain soon. We'l see.