Monday, April 26, 2010

dance dance

I have been practicing my ninja skills. Last night I kickboxed for an hour and a half, and I did it for about an hour today. As of afternoon, I could only kick once, maybe twice, before losing my balance and have to return my kicking leg back to the ground. So, all my kicks were powerful, but I was not very quick.

Now, I can (while kicking the bag, not thin air-it's harder that way) I can (without setting my foot down) kick the groin, chest, head, head chest groin. Six kicks, all different levels. I can do many variations of that kick,and sometimes do about ten kicks before setting my foot down. I can do it almost as good with my left leg as well. I've improved so much in the last two days; it is very fun.

That was one of my life goals, was to be able to do multiple kicks without setting my foot down. =)

I am starting stretching again because my pelvis is feeling better. So, I'm back on my splits plan. I'll give myself until May 20th. I have to regain my flexability because I haven't stretched in half a month because of the injury. So, i'll hopefully be able to do it in a little less than a month this time.

Don't you love those songs that come on the radio and make your entire day? That happened last night. I was flipping through the stations and found a "Dance Radio". They play techno/club dance beats, and they were playing the coolest song ever! It totally made my night as I pumped up the base on my drive back from work. I now have the song on itunes. If you want it, it's called: Wonderful Night by Fatboy Slim.

It makes me dance.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Does James Bond drink tea?

I just noticed an awkward hair that's sticking out on my face. I don't have a beard trimmer because technically i'm not manly enough to grow what would be commonly considered as a beard. But, that's not stopping me from having some awesome whisker action. Yeah, and I just noticed this awkward whisker sticking out on the side of my face. I hope it's not too noticable. I wish I had a siccors with me because I clip it...

I am sitting in Caribou with a Caramel Earl Grey Tea Latte. Heck to the yes.

Children, you heard uncle Ben correctly. He is drinking some tea as he blogs and writes his book. Maybe it's just me, but isn't that what old people do? Minus the blogging and maybe writing the book part. Sitting in coffee shops alone drinking tea. But, of course it's not any tea, it is a tea latte fusion, which is much sweeter and awesomer than regular "bleh" tea.

What i'm trying to get at is that I aged forty years since I blogged last. Yeah, i'm sixty. Okay, sixty isn't all that old. I aged fifty years, i'm seventy! There you go!

Your seventy year old uncle just burned his tongue on his tea. Oww. Everything will now taste like rubber for a week.

I read through my book from the beginning-something I normally don't do, but it gave me the proper perspective on where to go next, so that helped me greatly. I am about to sit down and write epic-ness. No... in case you're wondering, when i'm writing my book I usually don't use descriptors such as "awesomeness" and "epicness". I do that all on here because it's my blog. I don't need the approval of a lame editor and publisher in order to write what I want to. =) That makes me happy.

Is it strange that i'm listening to The Phantom of the Opera sounttrack while sipping tea in a coffee shop?

Dude, that lady can sing like nothing else. Seriously. Sorry that you're not listening to the Phantom of the Opera sounttrack.

Last night Nate Jordie and I went to Noodles & Company for some late night noodles. Hehe. "Late night noodles" sounded really funny. They're one of those places that ask for your name with the order. I replied: "Bond... James Bond."

The girl behind the counter laughed. That is a first. Last time I did that the cashier nodded and when my food came up they called out: "James your food is up!" I felt like screaming. Either that person has no humor or they have never heard of James Bond. in either case, their life is boring.

Monday, April 19, 2010

iced mochas and allergies

Let me introduce to you a revolutionary beverage by the name of: Campfire Mocha Cooler with White chocolate (small). Holy sweet pickles. It is amazing! It's my new favorite drink of the month.

Today I felt very responsible for taking the car to the auto shop and replacing the turn light that has been burned out for a month now. I got home to hear the news that I needed to clean the entire house. OK, slight exaggeration... I needed to clean every surface of the floor on every level of the house, clean the downstairs bathroom, my room, and the worst chore of them all... mowing the lawn. Usually I don't mind owing all that much, but Iam allergic to pollen. Mowing is hell. Honestly, I could barely breathe because I was wheezing so heavily and blowing my nose so frequently.

Yeah, so, afterwards I felt sorry for myself, so I treated myself to a Campfire Mocha Cooler with White chocolate (small) and yes, of course I got the daily trivia correct. I'm just that cool. No pun intended since I bought a cooler. Hehe.

I finally let my mom read my book. I never let anyone read my writing because I am never content with the quality I have, and I am overly critical on myself, and I don't show it, but Iam slightly tender when others critisize me, especially with my writing, so I like to have it perfect before I let anyone see it. But, it feels nice because my mom likes it. Yay.

Maybe I'll let some more people read it.

I can almost achieve one of my life goals. Going into a handstand from the position of sitting cross-legged. I am so close, and I can get there with a gentle push from my toes, but the hard part is once I'm parallel with the ground only being supported by my hands to raise my entire torso into the air. That kinda hurts. By kinda I mean really hurts.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

in dreams

So with my future unsure with colleges and money... i'm getting so tired of talking about serious topics. I mean honestly, I love to have fun. I can only handle so much seriousness in a week, and the past two or three weeks have been nothing but stern faces and no laugh-lines showing. Okay, not only, but primarily.

So, nothing in this blog post will be serious.

I just got some awesome alternative indie music. For those of you who don't know me extremely well, that is code for, my older bro is home! He has the most impressive collection of awesome music ever. We have the same taste in music, so I always stock up whenever he's here, and I am now listening to the band He Is We. Look them up on myspace, because you can get their entire CD for free there!! Yeah! They're pretty legit.

Yeah, I just used the word "legit" because it makes me feel hip and cool saying a main-stream term like that so flippantly.

I hate the words: Ample and Supple. Honestly, I cringe and I think a little bit barf comes up. Yeah, I just heard both of those words today, so that is the reasons for me mentioning it today.

There are a lot of words that I dislike. My least favorite word to say out loud is: rural. It is inhumane to create a word like that with two "R"s so close to each other, it leaves the mouth stumbling over itself trying to pronounce both of the Rs. I also hate the word Wholesome.

Anyways... my dream last night was disturbing. I dreamt that I walked into work to discover that we officially merged with a 50's style retro wiener shop. They re-decorated the entire store with nasty white and red tiles and my new manager didn't speak English. I then had to learn how to work their side of the store and the new policies.

I am so curious why I would even dream about that.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

empty blogs and empty books

Don't you hate it when the cursor sits in the same place and wavors... nothing coming to mind... wavoring again. It teases the fingers to start pressing keys-anything that will cease the methodical torture that is pressing the mind to do anythig but think.

I have nothing to blog about, and I am finding the cursor torturing me in my book and with my blog.

Why does this have to happen?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mauy Thai Thighs

In Speech class we were supposed to do a persuasive speech. Most people selected topics like how TV is a bad influence for kids, illegal immigration is overrated, and some more mono-toned topics of the like.
I decided to do a topic that I would actually enjoy. Here was my Thesis statement: Spiderman is a better superhero than Superman.

Yes, I was comparing the two superheroes based on their powers, morals, and their real identity as Peter Parker/Clark Kent. Needless to say, the audience loved it, and I was passionate about it, and I think I bashed superman enough that now Kriptonite is not the only thing he's vulnerable to.

I barely got any sleep because of the monster of a storm we had last night; it was raining so hard my dreams involved the rain breaking down my wall and making my comforter soggy. Yeah, my subconscious is worried about a soggy blanket if the thunder storm tears down the house... at least i've got my priorities straight, right?

Last night I visited a Muay Thai martial arts center to see if i'd be interested in going there. It was a very interesting place. The instructors looked and acted like Baseball dads. They were not professional in the least, and they did not seem confident in what they were teaching. But, I got a great workout none-the-less.

The night felt like 3 hours, but incredibly, it was only 1 hour long.

We started out with 10 minutes of jump rope. If you've not done jump rope in a while, no, do not reach into the depths of your memory and picture the 7 year old you smiling and laughing while jumping rope on your driveway in the mid-summer breeze with lemonade on the steps for refreshmant. No. Within two minutes everyone is sweating. Withint five minutes, there is this annoying drip of sweat that won't fall off the tip of my nose, it just waits there lazily. Also, my rope was always getting tangled, so i'd constantly trip over it.

Then, we would take "breaks" within the ten minutes of jump rope to do sets of 10 pushups, 10 situps, and 10 air squats. Just to let you know, when I walked into the gym my thighs were already burning because I've been trying to work on my vertical so I can do aerial kicks. After I am drenched with sweat, we do some stretches, which I feel totally awesome because I can almost match the stretching abilities of both the instructor and the teenage cheerleader in the class. At least my attempts at the splits paid off for something, right?

Then I almost laughed out loud because I thought the instructor was joking when he said: "Okay, now everybody do 50 air squats with me!"

He wasn't joking.

I kept up and I was the only one in the class to keep pace with him. I feel pretty hardcore for being the only visitor, also having burning thighs entering the facility, and still doing better than the rest of them.

Then, the rest of the time was a series of drills on pads which left my shins red and itchy and I have a skinned right elbow. It was worth it, though. At one point I felt like i was going to throw up because there was an exercise which I think the total number of kicks completed was somewhere around 200 something. Yeah. It hurt.

So, I walk the halls of DCTC with burning thighs, red shins, and skinned elbow, but I know now some Mauy Thai strikes. I won't be joining the gym because it's a buttload of money for something that I can do on my stand-up bag in the basement and a jump rope. I don't think 120$ a month is worth that, do you?

My resolution for today is to get out of the writing block/wall i've hit in my book and find a way around it and get moving again. I've sort of reached a dead end and I have no idea where to go from there; i've been stumped for over a week now... I've got to figure this out today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

im so gangsta i dont use punctuation

And now a rap about my day:

I woke up way too late
Maybe it's fate
or it's just me-
gettin' up quarter past eight

I didn't go to speech
Instead I heard a screech
Tellin' me to hurry or i'll be geetin' "D"s

I ignored the voice and waited on school
maybe i'm being a tool
but hey, i'm no fool
I'm not one to follow the rules
like Anikin Skywalker "I'm a slow learner"
I was like "Hey, I don't need fuel
to burn so just shut up and fall in line"

Art homework jumped out at me
Like a mad coach at a referee
I work to maybe surpass
The last of the cast
I finished real fast
And headed to school with a mooring mast

Set to win,
scared to fight,
I was wound in my plight
When I thought "Maybe just might"
So I ran into art with my arms full o' sketches
And my prof. gave a glance sayin' "Son, not tonight"

The rest of the time was slow motion
Like a bike without locomotion
He gave me a bottle and said: "Drink the potion"
It caused a great commotion

But I just chugged it and smiled
The prof. said I was the wild
one but I didn't care - 'cause I was beguiled
Like one whose with child

But nevermind art classes
That aint entertainin' the masses
Like the News reporting Gases
But no, I drove thru Wendys for a late night molasses

For a troubled stomach
I needed a Deluxe Bacon hold the lettuce

Extra side o' fries and a shake on the side
Make sure you got plenty o' napkins
for when I take sharp turns
Like the A-team dodging the burns
But no, I needed a chocolate shake
to subdue the headache
and extra salt on those fries
'cause they look good to my eyes
I know you feel me - we're the wise
ones as we drive thru
and we cause such a coo

So I get home to enjoy my dinner
When I pass by the mirror I notice I'm thinner
Yeah, i'm the lottery winner
Or maybe just a gold medal winner

Like Shawn Johnson doing back flips
Yeah, you're readin' my lips
But you ain't see this comin' 'cause it's not on the scripts


Thank you all so much for our encouragement, advice, and prayers, it really means a lot to me.

Life is better now. Sure, the circumstances are a bit better, but the main thing that changed was my perspective about it all, which I knew was off to begin with. Do you ever have those moments where you just need to throw yourself a pity party and act like there is nothing you can do about it all? Ignore planning and take up late night worrying.

Well, my little pity party is over. Thank you all for attending.

The main thing that helped change my perspective was Nate. I called him up at like 12:00am a few nights ago and just needed to talk to someone. He is usually responsible and goes to bed around 11, unlike me, but he happened to be up late that night, and we talked for a good hour and a half. It helped me a ton, and Nate, if you ever read this, I want to say thank you again.

The next day we got together over coffee, and he basically was like: "Ben stop whining and get your rear in gear". Yeah, that ryhmed. I thought it was cool too.

My future was the topic of conversation. He basically said that there's no plausible way to get 120,000 dollars unless I win the powerball *crosses finger* so, I should look into other options. He then told me that he has alays imagined me as a youth pastor or a student councelor or something. I have known Nate for 11 years, which is all of my mentally coherant life (I can't remember much from before the age of six, so I don't really count anything that happened way back then my fault).
Anyways, I have known him for so long, and I respect his advice higher than almost anyone else I know. So, it got me thinking. Nate then told me that there is a great college downtown minneapolis for only about 15,000 a year. It is a ministry college, and I could take some writing courses online at a commnity college or something so I can still improve at that, but also become a youth leader or something of the sort.

The idea hit me so hard I am still reeling, but I think it fits me. This may be why Taylor University suddenly "closed its door". But,when one door is closed, another one is opened, and this might be the one.

So, my perspective is changed, and my future is a little brighter. My mom got out of surgery and is recovring wondefully. The surgery went perfectly, and she will be walking normally in 3 months. She comes home tomorrow.

This will be interesting to be the mother of the house while being the youngest. Everyone else has even a crazier schedule than mine, so I bet I will be doing the cooking and such. I think I'll love it.

If you have never seen the TV show Castle, then you have never lived.

It is about a writer who shadows a detectiv on her homocide cases so he can write a more comprehensive mystery book. It is sooooo gooooood!!!

Anyways. My resolution for today is to go to sleep at a decent time. Yes, I meant for that to be extremely relative. And no, I will not share how scarily late I have been going to sleep...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

life happens

Wow. I just realized that my life kinda sucks right now.

My mom is getting both of her hips replaced on Tuesday. The recovery for the surgery is about a year (full recovery).

My dad is unemployed

Since my dad is unemployed and my mom won't be working for a while because of surgery, I'm starting to have to pay for gas (which isn't too horrid, but i only have a part time job, so it impacts me quite greatly...) and they can't helppay for Jiu Jitsu for me anymore, so i have to drop that. As a result, I will have to start paying for my own cell phone bill as well.

I just learned that if I go to Taylor University for a Creative Writing degree (exactly what i've had my eyes set on for about four years) I will be 120,000 dollars in debt when it's all over (that's estimating I follow the 10 year pay off plan) So, I may have to consider going to a State College or something... which would suck because Taylor has one of the best writing programs. Not many places get their students published their freshman year.

I just learned that my "pubic bone is torked" in the words of the expert. Apparently, my pelvis is completely messed up from me doing cray stuff for the last few years. My body has become accusmtomed to using the incorrect muscle groups because the ones i'm supposed to be using are are messed up. If I used the correct muscle groups in my hips an legs, and I continued trying to do the splits, my pelvis (worst case scenereo) would crack in half.

Needless to say,I am taking a break on the "month to do the slits" because I want to have a pelvis that is in tact. I'm supposed to massage some random places in my pelvis (it feels soooo weird!) Hopefully i'll be better soon.

Just learned that my job won't give me full time over the summer, so i have to get a new job as a server (i really don't want to do it, but I have no other option). So that is one more thing to think about because i should apply somewhere in the next month for summer jobs or they will all be taken.

I just learned that I may have to buy my own car over the summer because our family doesn't have enough cars for eveyrone to go to their jobs at the same time... I cannot afford a car let alone, car insurance, gas, cell phone bill, motnhly gym expenses, and looking for another martial arts gym that is cheaper (oh, and not to mention that little fee of 120,000 for college).

Oh, and I'm still taking 18 credits at DCTC. Need I say any more?

We're at a new church, which in itself is a good thing, but I know pretty much no one there. So, youth group is awkward because everyone has their own friends then there's me. And, there's not like group activities, so it's reaallyy hard to bond with people. If they had like an ice breaker thing at the beginning that would be cool. But, there's like 120 students there, and i'm one of the only ones who doesn't know anyone else. Crap.

The book that i'm writing should have been completed two months ago.

Usually when the circumstances around me suck like nothing else, I can remain positive while trying to solve the issues. I am not positive now...

Not to mention allergies are kicking in, so my throat itches, I'm sneezing, I either have a faucet for a nose or completely clogged.

And, to top everything off, I just got a hair cut, but the sides are too short, so they stick out like pieces on hay. Now I have to wait for a week and a half until my hair grows enough for them to stay down next to the rest of my hair.

Yeah, let's just say I'm not doing too well right now. Most of the issues are money related. Things would be so much easier if I suddenly had 200,000. I could pay for college, and invest the rest for a future house. Wishful thinking. Wishful thinking.

If you want to text me random happy things, I would not be opposed to it. (Hint hint)