Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the run

All day yesterday was spent shopping for college supplies. And, it was then that I realized that Walmart does indeed have just about everything. They had a huge section dedicated for "back to school". It was aimed for college students, because they had sheets, comforters, pillows, plastic tupperware all in this back to school section. It was awesome.

One thing that I am extremely picky about is pens. When I take notes in class, my preffered utinsel is a pen over a pencil. And, when it comes to pens, I need a quality one to do the job. I am proud to announce that I have four nice pens ready for use, a new bed spread, pillows, mechanical pencils, notebooks, and of course I can't forget about the awesome magnetic dry erase board that I'm hanging on my wall to give myself mental notes and such.

If you cannot tell through the typed word, I am brimming with excitement to leave for college!

On another note, I was in the mood for a run, so I went to a park near my house and ran the trail twice. After the first time around, I felt tired, but I wanted to push myself, so I went around twice without any breaks. The whole run was I did in 23 minutes 35 seconds. I don't run all that often, but i'm in pretty good shape from kickboxing. When I got home, I looked up the trail length, and I ran 4.2 miles. That made me so happy! If I actually ran consistantly, I could get it down to about 20 minutes, and have 5 minute miles.

So, college shopping almost done, and fitness plan on the move (pun inteded), I feel really good.

Now, I will write, because I have been hovering around 130 pages for like 3 weeks now with no valid excuse as to why I've not been writing. So, next blog, i'll say the page number, and it will be drastically different, just you wait!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here is a poem I wrote about two years ago. I have never been a poet, that is one thing I've never really done before. But, I still like this.

Rays of sunlight penetrated holes in the vast cloud cover.
The beams that escaped the clouds shone like pillars
from heaven descending on earth.
The sun’s long fingers groped down, trying to envelope
everything in its dense beautiful light.
June’s warm air swirled around leaves on the trees,
begging them to come loose so they could dance.
The deep green leaves flittered, staying on their branch,
letting the wind play with them. They were shy,
still clinging to their mother’s hand.
The tender green grass swayed with the wind in its dance.
The wind found someone to dance with
and swung them around with gusto.
The cotton swung around and around, floating languorously
in a tango. The wind whistled with enthusiasm
over houses, now swiftly acing as the vigor overflowed.
The cotton twirled and swung, laughing lightly.
Brooks and streams surged forth, racing faster and faster
as the wind danced. The water giggled over rocks.
A stick joined in the ballet with the water,
trailing behind the energetic stream.
The stick was a little gauche, but the stream didn’t mind.
The water’s enthusiasm spilled forth, encouraging the stick,
directing it as it glided around boulders and logs.
Wind twisted and turned, swooshing around
winter’s long dead leaves that strew the beaten path.
Were red, brown, and yellow leaves too arid for a brisk salsa?
Wind didn’t care to consider it.
The old-beautifully wonderful leaves wavered and swayed
to the wind’s cadence-a million beats per minute.
The leaves nodded their thanks to the sprightly wind.
The languidly lively dance made the wind whistle its applause.

Friday, July 23, 2010

waiting and wishing

Raquetball is a sport played by computer science nerds in huge bifocal glasses, taking advantage of the unecessary use of head-bands, ankles weights, and protective gloves all to be trapped in a tiny white room to hit a bouncy ball off the walls and waddle around like an overstuffed dizzy chicken...

So I thought two days ago.

Yesterday was my first time playing Raquetball. I can officially say that the sport has a broader range of audiences than computer science nerds.

I have glasses, and can barely see without them, so I wore them into the court. There were about five times where I almost got my glasses folded in half, knocked off my face, or crushed by the speeding merciless ball. Thankfully I have decently fast reflexes so I dodged them, but it made me a little scared when my friend would wind up to hit.

I flinched almost every hit... but, I won three games and got a great exercise. My prejudice against the game (I intentially didn't call it a sport, because I'm still undecided if it has earned the right for the title) has been more or less settled.

Now, I sit in nagging, fidgity impatience for the next month to pass by as I wait for the beginning of college.

I believe some free associations would be beneficial around the term "College". Let's begin.

Unmade beds
Staying up late doing homework with bloodshot eyes
Arriving at an 8am class having gotten no sleep
In shape
Study groups
New friends
Girl friend

And, I believe that sums up the entire college experience in a few words. Coffee, sleep, essays, and people.

I can't wait.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


How do you guys like the new layout? I'm digging it.

I went on an undercover ops mission. On Tuesday, I scouted out a Walmart store for the visual location that I am using in my book where the hostages are being held.

I was surprised at how little security cameras they had in the store. The aisles were very wide, so the cameras probably had better angles than the normal Walmart.

Yesterday, I drew the blueprint for the entire store from memory. Including the three hidden exits, the location of ventalation shafts, the control room, and of course, the headings/signs that tell people where their lowfat ice cream is in the store. Now I have an idea of where everything is in the store, and an accurate escape route for my poor hostages.

If only the workers knew what I was up to.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Titles are so key in the making of a novel. I have picked up books at the bookstore, read the back of it, and quickly put it back on the shelf once I read the title. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. I do it all the time. It saves me hours of sludging through the heavy pages of what NY Times called: "A thrilling ride" or what the Producer of the Matrix named: "Best read of the year!"

I don't care what the producer of the Matrix said about this mystery book if the title is: The Salvation Chronicles.

Titles are key. Much like first impressions, titles shape our presuppositions of what we assume about it before we actually know anything. Everything that we read from that point on is off the foundation of our first judgement from the cover of the book. If The Salvation Chronicles is regretfully placed there, then the whole read would be ruined with the mental image of a mid twenties writer who still has braces because he think they look cool with dark red bands, and with an old sweater vest which was bad the first time it was in style.


If the book was only named: Salvation, then it would be readable.

I am facing that very problem with my book. Even though it is yet unfinished, I am running through titles. My co-author named it Breakthrough, so for the sake of ease and convenience, we've called it that when referencing the drafted novel.

Now that I think about it... are one word titles a thing of the past? Are they overused? Are they cliche? Are two or three word titles coming back?


It's good, and I don't cringe when I hear it; I just think we can come up with something better.

Anatomy of Destruction.

Do you like the title? If it gets published, and I get to finish the series, the following novels could be Anatomy of Chaos or Anatomy of... fill in the blank.

That is the title of a book worthy of getting picked off the shelf for the sole reason of a well thought out title.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I met with my co-author (Bob) for my book Breakthrough. We met in the early morning at a local coffee shop (I will never get tired of the atmosphere of a coffee shop).

We went over the entire plot line from where we are now (130) to page 350. Bob has come up with some good ideas, but I basically created it all. So, giving the story pitch to him the other day felt good to know that I did all that by myself. I feel accomplished.

We started talking about publishers and possible directors to help make it into a movie. If this gets off the ground, this will cannonize my writing career. Yay.

It is a lot harder to write a book than I thought it would be at the beginning. I can write short stories like nobody's business... but I never knew that a long story would be this much of a difference. But, I love it.

My goal is to finish the book before I go to college. Once at college, I can have my professors help with the editing and refining of the story as part of a school project.

While at Taylor, I will be taking acting classes. I've always wanted to learn how to act, but never took any classes. But, acting helps the creation of realistic diologue and improv. If they have an improv. class, I'm taking it.

I'm starting to get more and more anxious for college. Not anxious nervous, but anxious excited. I will be living away from home for about 3 years. It is going to be a blast!

Anyways, about a month and two weeks left to go for me until i move into my tiny dorm. I just got pictures of my dorm room and I think a mole tunnel is more spacious. We share a dresser!

I can hardly fit my clothes in my OWN dresser let alone forfit half to my roommate! This is going to be interesting.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

week at a glance

Okay, small update since the last time I blogged:

Had a Physical for my college health form

Finished the book on effective Dialogue and just starting another book.

Started a schedule and now have a much better sleeping regiment.

Saw the movie Knight and Day and pretty much laughed the entire time. It earned its way into my favorite movies of all time.

Recently been listening to classical music and opera, and am loving it.

Have been working out a lot more, and am feeling a huge difference. I set up a rope in our unfinished basement tied to a beam, and I spread my legs out in an L sit as I bring myself up and down the rope. It hurts like nothing else, and I feel amazing.

Am on page 130 in my book. Making some headway, but at a difficult place in my plot.

Getting registered to all my classes at Taylor. My roommate's name is Jason. I met him last year, and we decided to be roommates. It will be awesome. Jason is from Korea, and he was 2nd in Korea's National Taekwando tournament when he was younger. Heck yes, I have a ninja for a roommate, and he is going to teach me his ways! I can barely wait.

Went boating on July 2nd with my extended family to celebrate an early 4th of July because my siblings and I were all working on the 4th. Got sunburned, but it was so worth it! We were out on the river for about 9 hours. We swam, ate, talked, landed on a small island with a few other boats, built sand castles, and raced each other. Oh, and of course, steered the boat. I love driving boats for some reason. (Now my burn turned into a nice tan, and for once I don't represent Vampires for fair skin, but have a decent skin color now).

My friend, Nate, is trying to convince me to go swing dancing with him and his friends. I work until like 11 every night the swing dancing takes place. The place is open till 2:00am. I say that I won't go swing dancing unless I find a good partner to dance with, he thinks that's a lame excuse.

Switched cell phones. I now have the LG Rumor Touch from Sprint. I like it. It's not amazing, but I like it. It's easy to text on the keyboard, not like I text a whole lot, but when I do, it's convenient.

My friend recently notified me that a pass for your entire life of rock climbing at REI is only $15 dollars for unlimited climbing as long as you're living... me and a few of my friends are going to be taking advantage of this offer.

It's funny, I have a few different groups of friends, one of which are my "Hardcore Group". Which include Tim, who's going to be a Police officer, eventually SWAT. Matt, a future PJ (Para-Rescue Jumper) (Military Medics who jump out of helicopters in war zones and rescue the injured.) Scott, however shy, was by his ENTIRE school (including the teachers) called "Scotty the hotty with the really nice body". I make fun of him for that, but he's in really good shape. Then, Nate, who's an artist, but he thinks it's fun to wake up at 5:30am and run a few miles, then go to a fitness center for a few hours and work out.

That's my hardcore group of friends. So, we'll be conquering the REI wall soon. If not that, then we'll do something else hardcore.