Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was relaxing. It was heart-warming to be with family. It was hilarious (had a party Friday night, tons of laughing involved). But, the one thing that was missing from the yearly tradition of Thanksgiving is this: the feast and Grandma's house.

Every year my Grandma hosts Thanksgiving for their side of the family. My mom, my aunt, and my Grandma are all incredibly amazing cooks, so it is a joyous time (especially for my mouth).

But, this year, my Grandma had surgery on her fingers. She has been ridden with artheritis for years, and just recently decided to have surgery on her fingers to do whatever the Doctors do to make it better. Anyways, she couldn't cook. So, we decided to have our Thanksgiving meal at an Inn. Weird, right? It was nice though. We had a great time, and the food was very good.

Overall my break included:

* Staying up until 3am wathcing movies and talking with my family
* Showing off my first published piece of writing
* Shopping
* Drinking Caribou Coffee (I miss it so much since there aren't any Caribous in Indiana)
* Hanging out with friends
* Being lazy

It was a very nice weekend. Now I am back at college and prepared to conquer my tests. Spanish is killing me, so I am pulling out the big guns and ready to battle verb conjugations, tenses, and verbage until Spanish begs for mercy.
Wish me luck.

Oh, and a goal that I just completed: I ran a mile in 6:30. I had been getting a little slow, so I set a goal for myself to complete a mile (only breathing out of my nose so it helps my breathing as well) in 6:30.
My next goal is 6 minutes flat. That will take me a while to reach; bring it on!

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  1. First off, your new blog look is very cool indeed.

    Second, I am speaking from experience when I wish you luck in learning to conjugate verbs in another language (Spanish, in your case).

    Third, I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving. You earned the right to relax and have fun.

    Fourth, congrats on running so well. If I run so much as a quarter of a mile I think I'm one hot athlete.