Monday, December 6, 2010


My entire world is shrinking into a tiny bubble of late nights, caffiene, books, and memorizing. You've guessed it... it's finals week. Or, to be specific, the week before finals week, which is much more work. The week before finals week is all the studying, and finals week itself is just tests.

Kill me now.

I spent 6 and a half hours studying for a Spanish test last week. I will be lucky if I get a C. I don't understand Spanish at all. I used to love Spanish in high school (when I had an amazing teacher) but now I have a horrid teacher.

Class time consists of him telling us stories of his childhood and college life and travels around the world. Sometimes he plays spanish music for the class. Then he realizes that there's only 10 minutes left in class time, so he crams an hour lecture into 10 minutes, leaving everyone confused.

The result is me knowing no Spanish and being punished for my teacher's failings. If I was quizzed on his life, i'd get an A. But when it comes to prerite, present and past subjunctive, and indicative... i'm lost. No hope for survival.

This is the first class I am scared I may fail in. I'm a good student, and I average A's in all my classes. But, this just might kill me.

All my other classes are going wonderfully. I enjoy them.

This week I was introduced to the classic TV show: Friends. Growing up my family never had cable, so I never watched any TV; we would occasionally watch movies. So, I have never seen Friends before. I cannot believe what I have been missing! This show is the basis for all sit-coms/soap operas/witty TV shows. It is the formula for success.

This is a revelation to me. I'm glad I discovored it, especially since i'd like to one day write scripts for TV shows, it's good to know the formulas for the most successful shows in TV history.

Anyways, I hope I survive the week. Afterwards I get to go back home to Minnesota on a long 12 hour car ride. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will keep me entertained as my friend drives.

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  1. I so sympathize with you! Pulling all nighters and then showing up bleary-eyed for exams is maybe the only part of college life I don't miss at all.

    Having a lousy Spanish teacher ain't good. Is there some kind of study group you can join at the last minute? Or maybe going to the dean of the department for an intervention? My college roommate had a sociology professor who was sadly and OBVIOUSLY going senile, and who sometimes wouldn't even show up for classes. Eventually complaints form the students forced the department to gently retire him.

    Good luck.