Friday, February 4, 2011


For the first time... I love literature.
My professor this semester is so intriguing; it is almost impossible not to enjoy it.
Even though I aspire to be an author, I have never liked literature classes, with my ongoing excuse of, "I am never assigned interesting things to read. All the classical literature I have to read is old and boring. I want exciting and gripping."

Although that excuse is semi-valid, my professor of one week helped me realize that although nothing "interesting" may be happening circumstantially in the story, the marks of a true literary genius is the art of weaving masterful prose and gripping the reader through the mundane of everyday life through poetic verse.

He altered my view of "boring literature" forever. I look forward to this class eagerly. I cannot wait to be immersed in the vicarious ups and downs of poetic adventure and masterpiece.

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