Monday, February 7, 2011


An interesting situation happened a while ago:

There has only been one girl whom I've seriously been interested in in my young life. It was a few years ago. I never pursued anything with her because we were both too young and I didn't want to end up scarring both of us through a broken relationship, so I backed off.

A week after I backed off, she started going out with another guy.

Last month, they got married.

I've been over her for years, so this isn't a whining heart-torn-to-shreds blog post, but it's weird to think that the only girl I've ever been seriously interested in is now a Mrs.

I remember one time when we talked for hours. I started making up a half-humorous, half-almost-cool story. I said I'd write the story out. A few weeks later she was dating another guy.

I wrote over 200 pages of the story. She still doesn't know I did that. It's probably for the better that she doesn't know. I wrote it within a year-ish of when we were interested in each other. Now, the Word documents still sit on my hard drive like an old unloved stuffed animal tossed amongst rags.

I was reminded of the story when they got married.

I'm happy for them. He's a great guy; she's a great girl.

We would never have worked out so it's definitely for the better this happened. I've barely seen or talked to her in nearly 3 years but my Word document still rests untouched and unread by anyone aside from me.


  1. What a wise way to have a catharsis -- put your feelings down in a story. I hope you keep a copy of it because even if you've both moved on, it's testimony of where your head and heart were at during a crucial time of your life.

  2. I hope that you got to finish the story and have sent to a magazine or have written a whole novel.
    The way you have stepped aside is nice. I am sure it would have worked out for you, but if it is working out for her with some one else, it was meant to be.
    I wonder what the book will be like.